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The world’s most delayed game is out at last

After more than two decades, the action platformer game ‘Kien’ has been released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

After 22 years of anticipation and numerous setbacks, the action platformer game Kien has at last been launched on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Initially scheduled for a 2002 release, the game has navigated various publishing obstacles to finally arrive as a physical cartridge.

Kien, developed by indie studio AgeofGames and published by Incube8 Games, features an immersive experience with a blend of action platforming and roleplaying game elements. Set in the fantasy world of Malkut, players navigate 23 intricate levels filled with intense battles, exploring the non-linear structure that offers a distinct adventure with each playthrough. The storyline features two young apprentices fighting to restore harmony in a land plagued by chaos and corruption.

“Kien is demanding, in a way it’s a pre-souls game,” says Fabio Belsanti, lead game designer. “The battles are always very intense and difficult. The missions and paths between the different levels and worlds are really twisty and have to be discovered by playing, making mistakes, and dying. Many gamers will love this game, but others definitely won’t.”

Kien is available for purchase through the Incube8 Store Page, with physical copies including a sealed box, clear grey cartridge, clear black cartridge protector, instruction booklet, and a sheet of stickers, available at $59.99. ROMs are also available on request. A limited number of physical copies are available.

* Visit the website here.

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