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Command peculiar monsters in ‘Ghost Keeper’

In this dark comedy game, lead ghosts, demons, and beasts to strike fear into one’s adversaries.

In Ghost Keeper, players become the leader of a group of peculiar monsters, and experience strange adventures set in 19th-century England. The dark comedy game merges classic old-school elements with various modern innovations.

Command ghosts, demons, and beasts to overtake one’s living adversaries, while using distinct skills, and developing powers. However, be cautious as the pesky Brotherhood is always near. Eliminating its members and stealing their secrets is dangerous but rewarding.

A true Ghost Keeper seizes opportunities and makes fateful decisions. Test wits and intelligence by planning, managing, and effectively scaring enemies to achieve victory.

Other key features include:

  • Exploiting varied strategies: There is never only one path to victory – the way players lead is up to them.
  • Enjoying a grotesque approach: Witness a host of bizarre situations narrated by the peculiar, malicious narrator.
  • Marvelling at the Victorian era setting: Locations, style and atmosphere captivate one on each subsequent level.
  • An ultimate scaring experience, remember that only through fear, players can claim a true power, and victory.

Ghost Keeper is planned to release next year (2025). It is being created by developers BLUM Entertainment, and Quest Craft, in collaboration with publisher Gaming Factory.

* Wishlist ‘Ghost Keeper’ on Steam here.

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