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Explore Athens in new comedic game

‘Athenian Rhapsody’ creates distinct playthroughs, depending on one’s choices of tale.

Players explore the World of Athens in the new comedic game Athenian Rhapsody. The goal is to build one’s Rhapsody, the story of the player, and their epic tale. One’s story unfolds based on in-game decisions which create a distinct story with each playthrough.

The turn-based role-playing game features challenges which the player will overcome by either fighting, or awkwardly trying to make friends with your opponents through pick-up-lines, mean jokes, memory games, as well as other strange and funny interactions.

Key features include:

  • Sixteen potential party members, each with a bold personality.
  • Many enemies to fight or befriend.
  • Varying battle mechanics.
  • Fast paced, action packed, and full of zany and ironic humour.
  • Lots of rabbit holes, secrets, and suspicious endeavours.
  • Mental challenges, and intense puzzles.
  • An Online Social System and Event System. One can share Rhapsodies between with friends. Share, combine, read through, and delete your friend’s Rhapsodies.

Each time a playthrough is completed, players receive a Rhapsody, which documents each decision, action, and event that occurred. One can also create new Rhapsodies by combining them, to multiply their complexity.

Use these Rhapsodies in various ways such as socialising with friends and accessing special timed in-game event adventures.

* Athenian Rhapsody is available on SteamNintendo Switch (US)Nintendo Switch (UK)PlayStationXbox, and Apple App Store

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