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WWE 2K22 released

WWE 2K22 is out now on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam for PC. The game has a new engine and redesigned gameplay to improve the controls and make the graphics more realistic.

2K has released WWE 2K22, the newest instalment of the flagship WWE video game franchise developed by Visual Concepts, is available now for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam. Featuring Rey Mysterio on the cover in celebration of his 20th anniversary as a WWE Superstar, the game features a top-to-bottom overhaul, including a redesigned engine and gameplay, the most stunning WWE 2K graphics to date, intuitive and accessible controls, multiple new game modes, and an immersive presentation and camera angles throughout. WWE 2K22 also features a diverse soundtrack curated by Executive Soundtrack Producer Machine Gun Kelly, who will be available in a future downloadable content pack as a playable character. 

“The last two years have been full of focus and passion from an incredible team at Visual Concepts who set out to create a WWE experience that delivers what fans have been asking for,” says Greg Thomas, president at Visual Concepts. “WWE 2K22 and all its achievements are a direct result of this team’s energy and hard work on building a massive game with a long and storied history. I’m very proud both of what we have been able to accomplish with this release, and what it signifies for the bright path ahead for the WWE 2K series.”

2K provided the following information on featured of WWE 2K22:

  • 2K Showcase Starring Rey Mysterio: Players will relive the iconic moments behind Mysterio’s most famous matches spanning his 20-year WWE career and beyond. Documentary-style interviews with Mysterio frame each match, and new Slingshot Tech allows for a seamless transition from gameplay to live-action footage as players complete objectives to live out some of his most iconic historical moments;
  • MyGM: In this new, fan-requested mode, players will select one of five GMs or create their own, draft a roster, manage budgets, sign free agents, choose various match types, arena locations, production elements and more, with the goal of beating a rival GM in weekly ratings battles and culminating at WrestleMania;
  • MyFaction: A new, single-player take on a classic team-building mode in which players collect, manage, and upgrade an array of WWE Superstars and Legends to create their ultimate four-person factions. Managers and Side Plates boost performance, while Logos, Wallpapers, and Nameplates allow for creative customisation. Additional rewards can be earned in every MyFaction sub-mode, including Weekly Towers and Faction Wars, where limited-time rewards refresh on the first of every month. New themed card packs will also roll out frequently, offering players a legion of current Superstars and beloved Legends to add to their collections;
  • MyRise: Players chart their own paths to superstardom, from the humble beginnings of a Rookie at the WWE Performance Center to the challenge of becoming a Superstar, to being immortalized as a WWE Legend. With different men’s and women’s division storylines available, players will encounter an array of WWE Superstars and Legends as they embark on the journey;
  • Universe: Offers players the ability to fully customize their WWE experiences down to the smallest details. From taking control over brands, premium live events, match results, rivalries, and more, Universe includes both the Classic and Superstar sub-modes. In Superstar Mode, players follow their chosen Superstar through matches each week, develop rivalries, start a tag team, create a custom match, compete in a championship match, and more;
  • Creation Suite: The industry-leading creation suite returns with new cross-platform community creations, a featured creator section that highlights players and their content, community creation upvoting, a Create a Superstar wizard for quicker creation, and more. Players can create themselves or be someone entirely different with a myriad of in-depth options to choose from.

For more information, visit the WWE 2K22 website.

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