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Ridiculous Robots backflip onto Steam

In the physics-based sandbox game ‘Botsu’, one plays as an athletic robot in different sport modes.

Botsu: Ridiculous Robots is physics-based party game in which players compete against each in sandbox sports events aiming to win matches, unlock outfits, and showcase their skills in style.

The robots in Botsu are not sluggish ragdolls; these machines can sprint, jump, flip, climb, breakdance, fly, and break through the sound barrier with their overpowered rocket boosters, with increased agility and skill. The game combines acrobatics with combat, enabling players to perform moves like triple-flip kicks and midair wrestling while flying upside-down.

BoxBall, the first game mode, requires one to get a ball into the goal. Next is Sumo Survival, which challenges players to avoid falling into the lava, and to be the last one standing. Finally, in Stockpile, players must collect boxes, and steal from the other team to secure victory.

Supporting four-player split-screen, one can party up and compete against online teams in matches with up to eight players in a 4v4 format. Between matches, players can hang out with friends in the sandbox social space.

The game features a variety of gadgets that act as silly superpowers. Players can use grappling hooks, balloons, sticky bombs, and impulse waves on other players, objects, or the environment. Creativity is encouraged, as players can invent new ways to use these gadgets.

The game allows for customisation, enabling players to combine different heads, bodies, arms, legs, and feet.

A replay system is included, capturing silly ragdoll moments. Players can play back these moments in slow motion to analyse and enjoy the chaotic action.

Botsu will launch in Early Access at a price of £15.99 (and regional equivalents), reduced to £13.59 through a 15% launch discount, later in 2024. A free demo is available on Steam.

Botsu is created by Peculiar Pixels, an indie studio setup by solo developer Oscar Salandin. He has crafted everything from the art and design to the netcode, music, and even the fonts. Saladin aims to build games that bring people together with humour, teamwork, and experimentation.

* Visit the ‘Botsu: Ridiculous Robots’ Steam page here.

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