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PS5 goes galactic

The PlayStation 5 is getting a cosmetic refresh in the form of three new colours: starlight blue, galactic purple, and nova pink

The PS5 is getting a “Galaxy” colour pallet, featuring new faceplate colours: starlight blue, galactic purple, and nova pink. The new faceplate accessories will become available for purchase on 17 June, and preorders are open now. The faceplates will be available in the US, UK, and a select few European countries. No South African availability announced yet.

Last year, Sony announced the red and black faceplate options, which were very welcome in contrast to the stock-standard white option. New controllers were also announced, so users can have blue, pink, purple, black, red, or white controllers to match their PS5’s style.

The PlayStation covers are easy to clip off and replace. The $55 (R850+) price, however, is pretty steep for two pieces of plastic, so choose your favourite colour wisely.

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