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Ford Ranger Platinum shows and tells

The handsome show pony that behaves like a workhorse goes for a drive with SHERYL GOLDSTUCK.

A handsome show pony and workhorse on the block – that is the new top of the range of the Ford Ranger series.  

The Platinum is a 3.0L V6 Diesel, 10AT full time 4-wheel drive that is not afraid to show off its truck cred. It has got a bold, imposing presence with a chiselled platinum grille and muscular fenders. But then there are the chrome accents, the 20-inch alloy wheels, and the overall sporty, polished finish. So, is it a workhorse or a show pony? The answer is: kind of both.

A spacious surprise awaits when you get inside. Gone are the days of basic truck interiors – the Ford Platinum boasts quilted leather seats that feel fantastic, a heated steering wheel for those chilly mornings, and a panoramic sunroof that practically turns the roof into a giant window. The front seats are spacious and comfortable, heated and ventilated, and the backseats offer enough legroom for even full-grown adults. Most passengers will probably be mesmerized by the sunroof view anyway.

The Ranger Platinum comes loaded with tech goodies. I am talking a giant touchscreen infotainment system that is responsive and easy to use, with features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. I used Google Maps to get me to my destination. The mapping on the screen is clear and crisp. There is also a funky heads-up display that projects information right onto your windshield. While I was offroad, the tech still worked accurately and precisely and my passengers were all comfortable, especially being able to keep their cell phones charged.

Just to emphasise how loaded with tech this bakkie is, here are some of the specs:

  • Auxillary 12V Power Outlet – Centre Console Bin(S)
  • USB Ports (USB A and USB C) – centre console(S)
  • USB Ports (USB A and USB C) & 240V AC socket – rear of centre console(S)
  • Wireless Charger(S)
  • Power To The Box – 12V & 240V AC Sockets(S)

The Ranger Platinum has a clever suspension system that adjusts depending on the terrain. On paved roads, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride. However, take it off-road, and the suspension stiffens up, allowing you to tackle rough roads and uneven surfaces with confidence. 

Power Under the Hood:

Engine Type: 3.0-Litre V6 Turbo Diesel

Maximum Power: 184 @ 3250

Maximum Torque: 600 @ 1750-2250

10-speed automatic transmission(S) 

The Ford Ranger Platinum is a great choice for those who want a truck that can do it all – conquer the workday commute in style, handle weekend adventures with ease, and turn heads wherever you go.  The handsome pony is a workhorse that shows off, but also tells a great story. 

Pricing for Ford Ranger Platinum 3.0L V6 Diesel R 1,120,100.

* Sheryl Goldstuck is General Manager for World Wide Worx and editor of Gadget Wheels.

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