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Etrom returns for 20th anniversary

Relive the avant-garde, dark techno-fantasy adventure as AgeofGames prepares for a November re-release.

The classic dark techno-fantasy adventure Etron returns in November 2023 in a 20th Anniversary Edition, to be released by AgeofGames on Steam for PC.

Formerly PM Studios Italy, the studio’s groundbreaking point-and-click action role-playing game (RPG) first set fire to public opinion in 2003. The independent developers aimed to take on the big AAA studios with their most ambitious project at the time, an immense, techno-fantasy adventure set in a dark future filled with deadly technologies, mystical artifacts and parallel dimensions!

Etrom was first developed by a group of young dreamers from southern Italy who decided to begin the project by creating their own proprietary engine, which they then used to develop the project. This release should be considered an Artifact, a piece of independent videogame archeology from the beginning of the millennium.

Are you ready to unravel its old secrets and engage in epic point and click battles with the studio’s challenging and unique proprietary controls? Wishlist Etrom – 20th Anniversary Edition on Steam now! The game is scheduled to launch a demo in October 2023, with the full game following shortly thereafter.

Etrom – The Astral Essence first captivated audiences when it debuted in 2003, and this special anniversary edition promises to augment that experience, introducing players to the first chapter of the best-selling novel of the same name. It’s time to explore sprawling cities, navigate treacherous dimensions, and face the mysteries of your own identity as a fugitive, in a multimedia behemoth now in its second decade.

Fabio Belsanti, CEO of AgeofGames, said: “Etrom – 20th Anniversary Edition is a testament to the enduring aura that surrounds our iconic game. We’re carefully working on the re-release to make sure we bring the project back to life, in a way that can be appreciated and experienced by a whole new generation.”

Luciano Lurino, lead artist at Troglobytes Games, said: “As someone who worked on the original version, this game holds a special place in my heart. From the old days in the early 2000s  and its unforgettable ups and downs, to now co-publishing what is a real independent gem, it’s been an incredible story.”

Key Features:

  • 20th Anniversary Edition of Etrom – The Astral Essence, first announced in 2003
  • Unique Proprietary Controls – Experience an alternate way of playing point and click RPGs
  • Includes the first episode of the novel
  • Seven possible endings, shaping the fate of the parallel dimension
  • Over 70 huge environments with a total of approximately 50 hours of gameplay
  • Pilot powerful war mechs and engage in strategic battles
  • Discover secrets and unravel the mysteries of ancient civilizations
  • Encounter demons, secret divinities, dragons, and intelligent entities
  • Over 500 types of weapons, armor, rings, magic amulets, and more
  • First-person sniper mode for precise targeting and deadly accuracy
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