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Remake of ‘9th Dawn’
on the way

The remake of the open-world role-playing game releases later this year with updated graphics, a first-person mode, and new quests.

In the upcoming game 9th Dawn Remake, players collect rare loot, and raise monster pets. The open-world role-playing game is a reimagining of its original, released 12 years ago. The remake boasts revamped combat and quests, along with upgraded 2.5D graphics. It features a first-person mode alongside two-player local co-op.

Dungeons are remade with expanded maps, cleaned and reworked sprites with improved animations, and a rewritten storyline with refreshed quests. The combat system has been improved with more fluid, action-oriented gameplay.

Two new mini-games are available: Fishing Survivors, a bullet-heaven fishing game, and Deck Rock, a deck-building card game.

9th Dawn Remake is developed and published by Valorware. It will release on PC (Steam), Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS later in 2024.

Tom Au, founder & solo developer at Valorware, says: “The original 9th Dawn was my first finished game, after eight previous failed attempts at making an RPG – which is the reason it’s called 9th Dawn. Since it was my first game, the quality was fairly of-its-time and didn’t really capture my original vision. It also had its fair share of unresolved bugs! 

“The state of the original 9th Dawn game has bothered me for years, and I always had plans to remake it. Now 12 years later – after many more game releases, including the successful 9th Dawn III – I was ready to take on the remake. I’ve finally managed to finish it and give it the love that it deserves.”

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