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LG highlights innovative home living

The East Coast Radio House + Garden Show 2024 promises to dazzle visitors with cutting-edge LG solutions.

LG Electronics is dazzling visitors to this year’s East Coast Radio House + Garden Show at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

The home electronics giant is displaying its latest innovative home appliances and cutting-edge home entertainment solutions at the event, running from 29 June to 7 July. It offers an immersive experience where attendees get hands-on experience with LG’s latest products.

At LG’s dedicated exhibition area, homeowners and lifestyle enthusiasts explore and experience the brand’s diverse range of offerings that are transforming modern living spaces. From stunning OLED TVs to intelligent home appliances, LG is inspiring visitors with the limitless possibilities its innovations offer for elevating daily life.

“We have an amazing line up that combines advanced technology with beautiful design to enhance everyday experiences,” says Carol Guedes, sales head of home appliances at LG Electronics SA. “The East Coast Radio House + Garden Show provides the perfect platform to demonstrate how LG’s innovations can enrich home entertainment, streamline household chores, and ultimately enhance the way people live.”

Pioneering home entertainment

Claiming centre stage is the world’s first completely wireless 4K OLED TV—the breathtaking 77-inch LG OLED evo M3 TV.  This pioneering technology promises the freedom to design your space as you choose.  The TV frees users from cable clutter by transmitting real-time video and audio wirelessly at up to 4K and 120Hz, using an included Zero Connect Box.

“The LG OLED evo M3 TV revolutionises the home entertainment experience by allowing you to install this premium display nearly anywhere, thanks to the advanced wireless technology,” says Guedes. “Its 8-million self-lit pixels, bright and bold visuals as well as AI-enhanced picture and sound quality create an unbelievably immersive experience.”

This groundbreaking technology showcases yet another milestone in the 11-year story of LG OLED evo as the world’s top OLED brand.  Complementing the trailblazing OLED evo M3 TV is the LG S95QR sound bar, the world’s first triple up-firing channel sound bar.  This Dolby Atmos system’s speaker configuration, including rear speakers, creates a towering soundscape that fully immerses users in cinematic surround sound.

“The multi-dimensional audio from the S95QR’s up-firing speakers has to be experienced to be believed,” says Guedes. “It uses artificial intelligence to optimise sound processing for movies, sport, music, gaming and more, so you’ll truly feel like you’re in the middle of the action.”

Other home entertainment highlights on display include the vivid 86-inch QNED 4K UHD Smart TV with Quantum Dot and NanoCell Technology, and the 77-inch OLED C3 4K Smart TV optimised for gaming with a 120Hz refresh rate and the LG Game Optimiser functionality. For outdoor entertainment, LG’s XBOOM XL7S portable party speaker combines earth-shaking bass with dazzling pixel lighting effects.

Intelligent appliances for modern living

On the smart appliance front, LG aims to streamline daily chores through intelligent design and connected technologies. A true standout is the 38L Stainless Steel SolarDOM with Charcoal Lighting Heater—bringing professional-grade cooking capabilities into the home.

“The LG SolarDOM’s Charcoal Lighting Heater is a game-changer for at-home cooking enthusiasts,” says Guedes. “It enables food to absorb heat faster and deeper, browning the outside for a crispy texture while keeping the inside juicy—just like natural charcoal grilling.”

This advanced heating system saves up to 30% in cooking time and 20% in energy usage compared to conventional ovens thanks to its “No Preheating” process. 

LG’s variety of intelligent appliances leverage AI and sensor data for optimised performance. The 21kg Front Load Washing Machine with AI DD automatically customises the washing cycle for superior fabric care based on load characteristics. LG’s new Side-by-Side Refrigerator uses UVnano technology and LinearCooling technology to extend the freshness of foods by up to a week and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria from the water nozzle using UV light.

The Matte Black QuadWash Steam Dishwasher flexes LG’s advanced QuadWash technology with four powerful spray arms to blast away stuck-on messes from every angle. The sleek flat door design allows for a seamless built-in look while TrueSteam technology makes dishes sparkle, leaving less water spots.

“From laundry to dishwashing to cold food storage, we engineer our home appliances to streamline chores through intelligent automation and powerful performance,” says Guedes. “With our state-of-the-art home entertainment solutions, LG provides a comprehensive ecosystem for contemporary lifestyles.”

  • To experience LG’s latest home innovations that are transforming entertainment and daily life, visit their exhibition at the East Coast Radio House + Garden Show running now until 7 July at the Durban Exhibition Centre.
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