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Crosscall launches flagship phone in SA

Outdoor mobile technology company Crosscall has unveiled its Trekker X4 smartphone, which boasts resilience under extreme conditions and impressive video editing technology.

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Crosscall has announced its presence in South Africa with five devices. Don’t know who Crosscall is? In short, it’s the GoPro of mobile phone technology.

Globally, it has seen profits increase from €51.2 million (R812 million) to €71.6 million (R1.1 billion). This 40% rise in earnings within the space of a year is due to Crosscall’s keen eye on what technologies go together with rugged smartphones.

Cyril Vidal, founder and president of Crosscall, says: “Our excellent sales performance confirms our commitment to offering unique products that are durable and reliable. New continents are growth and profit drivers for Crosscall. We have created a segment that is proving to be increasingly dynamic because it corresponds with consumer and business design usage.”

Its flagship is the Trekker X4, which boasts shock resistance and waterproofing, paired with a great camera. It also features an integrated app, where one can film, edit and share adventures on social media.

“Crosscall has taken steps to ensure its success in each market they enter,” says Julien Fouriot, sales director for Africa. “Aside from above-board products that are rigorously tested before hitting the shelves, Crosscall focuses on the B2B market actively seeking out organisations that need tougher cell phones. Some of these industries include farming, security, mining and civil engineering to name but a few.”

Its other products include:

– Shark X3 – suited for water-sports enthusiasts, this device is not only waterproof it also floats
– Trekker M1 Core – this device can be considered nature proof and is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who still need the functionality of a mobile phone. It boasts a wide-angle and action camera
– Action X3 – suited to an outdoor lifestyle, this device features a long battery life. It can also be charged, mounted, and have data transferred to it with a magnetic mounting point on the back of the device. 

The devices will be sold at MTN and Vodacom stores, as well as on Takealot and selected Builders Warehouse.