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CES: Discover smart homes that keep you healthy

There is a large intersection between health tech and smart homes at CES in Las Vegas this week. BRYAN TURNER explores the home tech that can keep us healthy.



Health tech has been a major theme at this week’s CES 2020 in Las Vegas, where there have been many innovative – and unexpected – offshoots in the sector. This week, we covered the explosion of femtech (technology for female health); today we uncover another hidden gem of the future: smart home health tech.

When SmartEnergy surveyed 5000 people late last year about smart home technologies and their perceptions, they came up with a surprise finding: 34,6% of respondents said they like smart home tech for the “cool” factor, which is much higher than saving money on electricity, at 20%, and improving security, at 16%.

Let’s look at how cool it got at CES. 

Vayyar Imaging, a leader in imaging and object mapping technology, is showcasing Vayyar Home, a device that detects when one is standing, sitting for too long, or even if someone has fallen in a household. It has integrated another of its products, Walabot Home fall detection, to make this possible.

The device is seen as a non-invasive form of health tracking, that does not require wearables or buttons to track health. Best of all: it works without a camera so users don’t have to worry about being watched or recorded, as with smart speakers.

Vayyar Home’s health features include monitoring activity, sleep and breathing, sending an alarm in case an anomaly is detected. It also works when users aren’t home, by monitoring for intruders.

Its intelligent sensors monitor location, posture, and vital signs, enabling behavioural monitoring such as time spent at rest, in and out of bed, nocturnal roaming, and restroom visits. Trends are detected. This allows for pre-emptive predictions of health conditions like urinary tract infections (UTI), dementia, and disorders like sleep apnea, and psychological ailments like loneliness.

“Our fall detection product is protecting thousands of seniors every day, but that’s only the beginning,” says Ofer Familier, general manager of Vayyar Home. “Now, we can turn any room into a smart room, caring for people inside out. Vayyar Home is like living with a doctor and a security guard rolled into one.”

Vayyar can be found at booth #41161 at the Sands Expo at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas

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