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CES: Mixed-reality windshield

In-vehicle information and entertainment is set to change thanks to the world’s first mass-market Interactive Mixed Reality Windshield technology, launched at CES in Las Vegas last week by Futurus Technology.



Going beyond existing augmented-reality vehicle and navigation information incorporated in today’s models, Futurus Technology’s new Mixed Reality technology marries real-world environments and hazards with contextual information about a vehicle’s status, performance and surroundings.

Futurus, which received a CES Honoree Award in the In-Vehicle Entertainment and Safety category, is currently collaborating with some of the world’s leading car manufacturers, and showcased its new product at CES 2020.

The interactive windshield benefits from two independent layers, one of which allows drivers to detect potential hazards up to 50 meters in the distance, including cyclists, pedestrians and objects on the road. Simultaneously, passengers can enjoy entertainment such as TV shows and movies, music and social media, without distracting the driver.

Uber Wu, chief-scientist at Futurus, says: “Vehicle manufacturers must adopt MR technology if they want to offer a truly safe yet immersive experience in the next generation of vehicles. The in-cabin experience has not changed radically in decades; our windshield transforms the driver and passenger journey.

“The technology is the first step towards a smart windscreen that delivers personalised, interactive in-car entertainment, e-commerce and enhanced safety features, thanks to split-screen technology that doesn’t distract the driver.”

Alex Xu, chief executive officer of Futurus Technology, says: “In-car AR heads-up-displays (HUD) are installed in relatively few models and offer limited performance but, in the next few years, we will produce a smarter hybrid reality windshield display that provides the safest ride to mass-market vehicles”.