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CES: Amazfit showcases futuristic home treadmill

For those readers who want to start their fitness journeys at home, Huami unveiled the Amazfit HomeStudio at CES.



Amazfit HomeStudio is a connected fitness treadmill paired with a 43” HD screen, called the Glass, and surround-sound JBL speakers to provide an immersive and personal fitness experience. It comes as a partnership with Studio, a fitness entertainment brand that offers virtual classes. Amazfit HomeStudio uses AI-powered computer vision to detect and help correct posture and positioning.

The device can be paired with Amazfit’s AirRun foldable treadmill, which was also unveiled at CES. The treadmill uses salt belt technology to make runs more comfortable. Because it’s foldable and portable, one can move the treadmill and Glass around the house.

With the screen connected into Studio’s classes, the Glass can access a studio experience in the home. The service offers over 1,000 classes across treadmill, sculpt, stretch, and yoga. With Amazfit HomeStudio’s connected treadmill, participants get the full cardio experience.

“At the end of 2019, Huami defined a new mission: Connect Health with Technology. STUDIO’s passion for fitness has proven to be a perfect match,” says Wang Huang, chairman and CEO of Huami. “We want to bring the latest in fitness to our users, through products and services they can count on. That’s what Huami Amazfit is bringing to the new decade – cutting-edge innovation in health technology.”

Huami provided the following specs:

  • Immersive 43 Inch Premium 1080P HD Smart Glass Screen
  • 3 Premium 20W JBL Speakers (2 on treadmill, 1 on Glass)
  • HomeStudio premium Treadmill – 12 MPH Slat Belt Technology and 20 inch wide and 53 inches long running surface
  • Amazfit AirRun – 9 MPH and Foldable
  • 3D TOF Camera For Computer Vision Detection