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Vox goes into remote surveillance

ICT provider Vox has launched an affordable remote surveillance system called Guardian Eye Wi-Fi camera.



Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has launched Guardian Eye Wi-Fi Camera, giving home andsmall business owners access to an affordable remote security surveillance solution that captures video in high definition, includes a built-in alarm, and integrates with digital assistants.

Rudi Potgieter, senior product manager at Vox, says: “It is a competitively priced camera packed with a lot of features, and can be easily installed for indoor or outdoor use in a matter of minutes by the average user. There is basic analytics built into the camera, and you can set up workflows such as having the camera send you notifications, a snapshot, and/or sound an alarm if any motion is detected during a preset time.” 

The Vox Guardian Eye Wi-Fi Camera has an IP66 rating, ensuring its durability and reliability even in harsh weather, and is lightweight and can be installed by users themselves. Having built-in Wi-Fi means that only electrical power is required. Similarly, it is possible to move the camera to another location.

The camera includes security features that allows users to monitor their homes, and get notifications from connected devices of movements in the camera’s field of view. They can also set up custom workflow notifications by using IFTTT (If This Then That) capability.

In case they have visitors, a built-in microphone and speaker in the unit allows for clear two-way communication between the user and someone in front of the camera. Alternatively, a siren that can reach up to 100 decibels and strobe light can be activated to scare away unwanted intruders.

Apart from capturing video in 1080p Full High Definition (HD) and having up to 8x zoom, the camera features integrated efficient infrared lighting, an anti-reflection panel, and Infrared Cutfilter Removal (ICR) technology that enables clear night vision at up to 30 metres.

Potgieter says:“The Vox Guardian Eye Wi-Fi Camera can save recorded footage to an onboard Micro SD card (up to 128GB), the manufacturer’s subscription based encrypted cloud storage, or a local network video recorder – or even to all three locations at the same time for added redundancy in case a camera is damaged or your local network goes down.”

To be able to view live or recorded video from anywhere, users need to download the EZVIZ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, create an account, and scan the QR code on the back of the camera to add the camera to their Wi-Fi network. 

“In this way, users can add multiple cameras to their profile, ensuring that their entire premises is covered, and can be monitored from a central point. As such, the Vox Guardian Eye WiFi Camera is ideal for homes, holiday homes, home offices, and even in small businesses,” says Potgieter.

The Vox Guardian Eye WiFi Camera is available at a once-off cost, and is also available on a monthly rental option, on a 12 month contract, or on a 24 month contract. Installation support is available for those who require it. For more information, visit the product page on the Vox website