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Opel’s car front camera wins connectivity award

The front camera on Opel cars has won the Car Connectivity Award for 2019.



The Opel front camera has won the ‘Car Connectivity Award 2019’. The system, which is offered in the Astra compact, was voted into first place in the ‘price-performance stars’ category by the readers of authoritative German car magazine auto motor und sport and the podcast Moove

The German brand’s front camera has already won many awards in previous generations and is offered as standard equipment on several model variants. It is the key component of numerous driver assistance systems such as Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keep Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition.

“Opel has always made innovative technology available to a wide customer base”, said Vice President of Communications at Opel, Harald Hamprecht, at the prize-giving. “The popular front camera is a good example. We want to offer our customers cars that are advanced as well as safe and comfortable. The readers want the same, which is why we are particularly pleased to win this award.”

This year was the sixth time that readers of auto motor und sport and Moove have elected the winners of the ‘Car Connectivity Award’. They could choose from cars and technologies in 11 categories, e.g. ‘telephone integration’ and ‘price-performance stars’ to ‘connected e-cars’. More than 12,000 readers and users took part in this year’s election.

‘Opel Front Camera’ Functionality Explained:

Driver Assistance Systems
The Opel Front Camera operates at speeds above 60 km and monitors the area in front of the vehicle via a camera positioned on the windscreen’s upper area. This camera collects information continually, analyses it and informs the driver on required information and warning signals allowing for safer driving.

Forward Collison Alert / Follow Distance Indicator
Forward Collision Alert pre-warns of a possible front-end collision, with some Opel models automatically going into brake mode if the driver fails to act accordingly. The functionality is to pre-warn of a possible accident due to the reduction in set, safe following distance.
The Opel Front Camera calculates the distance between the driven vehicle and the vehicle ahead, and can be set to suit the driver’s preferred style of driving with green symbolising a safe distance and amber warning of a reduced safety measurement.

Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist
The Lane Departure Warning is enhanced by a Lane Keep Assist function that guides the driver via the steering wheel controls if drifting out of the designated lane is experienced – unless the correct directional indicator has been activated.

Traffic Sign Recognition
The Opel Front Camera has the capability and processing power to detect traffic signs within its Traffic Sign Assist system. This allows the driver to know what speed the current road demands, plus what category of road they are travelling on.