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‘Three Little Birds’ flutter to BritBox

The drama, inspired by a true story and cantered around love, sisterhood, and friendship, starts streaming today, writes JASON BANNIER.

BritBox has launched a new and exclusive limited series about Jamaicans lured to England by false promises.

Three Little Birds, a six-part drama centered on love, sisterhood, and friendship, premieres today (1 February 2024),

The episodes are being released over two consecutive Thursdays, with the first three episodes available now, followed by the final three on 8 February.

Sir Lenny Henry, the creative force behind the series, drew inspiration from his mother’s real-life journey from Clarendon in Jamaica to Dudley, West Midlands.

The series stars Rochelle Neil (The NeversGuilt), Saffron Coomber (Small AxeC.B. Strike), and newcomer Yazmin Belo. It follows the journey of two sisters by the names of Leah and Chantrelle, and their pious friend Hosanna. Lured to England by the promise of lucrative opportunities and the allure of streets “paved with gold” by their older brother Aston, played by Javone Prince (DodgerPhone Shop), the trio embarks on a life-altering adventure.

Leaving behind the azure skies of Jamaica to carve out new lives in the Mother Country, the protagonists face the daily challenges and struggles of adapting to a new and often unwelcoming environment. Despite the harsh reception, they discover joy, laughter, love, and resilience.

Three Little Birds is a warm-hearted and heartfelt celebration of life and community spirit in 1950s England, as seen through the lens of the Jamaican community. However, these themes are highlighted by the group’s struggles in the new country, such as facing segregation and discrimination.

The collaboration with executive producer Russell T Davies has resulted in a narrative that sheds light on the untold stories of immigrants, with a focus on the Jamaican community’s experiences.

* Jason Bannier is a data analyst at World Wide Worx and writer for Follow him on Twitter and Threads at @jas2bann.

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