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Philips Saeco launches personalised coffee machine

The new Xelsis by Philips might be hard to pronounce, but it makes up for its difficult name by offering 15 different styles of automated coffee production.



Philips Saeco, the inventor of the super-automatic espresso machine, has produced the Xelsis, which brews quality coffee in more than a dozen different styles. Beverages can be customised to the user’s liking, which is made possible by advanced technology, along with beautiful design. 

“We know that discerning coffee drinkers want to enjoy and recreate the freshly brewed coffee they can buy in a café in the comfort of their own homes,” says Lucy Jones, Marketing Director, Philips Africa. “The Saeco Xelsis was carefully designed and crafted with this in mind, so everyone can indulge in a wide variety of drinks, whilst giving them the freedom to tailor their coffee experience to their personal taste. With this new, innovative machine you are able to brew an exquisite coffee that meets your demands and high expectations, every single time.” 

For those who want to get the most out of the machine, Philips is offering the Xelsis Premium Service. This includes VIP installation in one’s home to take users through a demo on how to use and care for the machine as well as a gift package courtesy of Philips.

From a creamy cappuccino or latte macchiato, to an aromatic ristretto; the world’s favourite coffee specialties are at one’s fingertips. The Saeco Xelsis provides options for 15 types of freshly brewed, coffees and coffee drinks. Users select modes and further customise these modes via a colour touch display.

Using the Coffee Equalizer, users can tailor and fine tune each cup of coffee to suit their taste – from the coffee strength, its aroma and length to the temperature of each drink, amount of milk foam, and the coffee and milk brewing order. Up to eight profiles can be stored by the machine, so multiple users can store and access their drink preferences, making it suitable for a home or small office.

Its ceramic grinders extract the maximum flavour from the coffee beans, without overheating or burning them. Ensuring long-lasting performance, the ceramic grinders won’t deteriorate with wear and tear, so the coffee will be ground like it was the first time – guaranteeing consistent performance for 20,000 cups.
From thick, frothy milk to hot, flat milk – Saeco’s patented Latte Perfetto technology heats and froths milk to deliver an indulgent and consistent foam at the appropriate temperature for the beverage. 

Maintaining and cleaning the Saeco Xelsis is helped by its AquaClean filter, which prevents the build-up of lime scale. By replacing the filter when the display indicates, Philips says users won’t need to descale your machine for up to 5,000 cups. The internal brewing group within the machine is also fully removable and can be rinsed clean.

At your command, the HygieSteam function will clean the whole milk system with steam.

* Available from Hirch’s, Takealot, Makro, Expert and YuppieChef from R32,999.