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MTN launches Supersonic AirFibre

The new service aims to give users a wireless connection that’s as reliable as fibre, as long as one is within 15km of MTN fibre infrastructure.

MTN has launched its Supersonic AirFibre product offering. The company aims to overcome the distance and lack of fibre infrastructure in urban, township, and rural communities with AirFibre.

MTN claims that the product offering will offer high-speed, inexpensive, and uncapped data connectivity to areas where fibre installations are not available. AirFibre uses unlicensed spectrum and is maintained by the MTN technology team.

“Our Supersonic AirFibre offering is in line with our track record of optimising frequency bands,” says Cavin Collett, managing director of MTN SA’s ISP, Supersonic. “Previously we have undertaken this approach through the allocation of repurposed bands for 2G mobile services (using GSM technology) as well as a new generation of mobile technologies, including third generation (using UMTS) technology and fourth-generation (using LTE) technology.”

According to MTN, AirFibre can be installed faster than traditional fibre as no trenching is required.

AirFibre will be available in areas where customers register their interest in the offering on Supersonic’s website.

The launch costs for Supersonic AirFibre are:

  1. R399 for 5Mbps uncapped
  2. R499 for 10Mbps uncapped
  3. R599 for 20Mbps uncapped
  4. R799 for 50Mbps uncapped
  5. R999 for 100Mbps uncapped

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