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Fractured Online free week launches

Gamigo and Dynamight Studios are announcing the upcoming free week for the isometric open-world MMORPG – Fractured Online

Gamigo and Dynamight Studios are announcing the upcoming free week for the first truly dynamic, isometric open-world massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Fractured Online. The free week of access kicks off on 25 May at 16:00 SAST and ends on 31 May 2022 at 16:00 SAST. 

During the free week, MMORPG fans are invited to log into the world of Fractured Online during its Closed Beta Test to explore the continent of Aerhen, where Humans largely preside, and unique biomes will push players’ survival instincts to the max. The mountains are cold and unforgiving; the volcanic region is hot and oppressive; sudden torrential downpours plague the steppe biome. The only redeeming quality is the tundra region as it has fewer weather anomalies. Unfortunately, there are plenty of creatures to worry about. Jotunns, Mammoths, Arctic Wolves, and various Elementals are just some of the ferocious fauna players will come across when they visit this new land. 

Co-founder and CEO at Dynamight Studios, Jacopo Gallelli says: “We are thrilled to offer MMORPG fans around the world free access to Fractured Online for a full week, no strings attached. There’s plenty to do within the free week, such as taking part in a robust player-driven economy, crafting items and gear for personal use or trade, or taking up arms again various monsters or other players in PvE/PvP combat. What players do in-game is completely up to them as they can either live an honest life as a shepherd, farmer, or crafter or choose a more violent path of hunting and scavenging.” 

The road to Fractured Online’s winter launch is paved with several large updates. This summer, the game welcomes the Wildfolk, a new planet, and endgame PvP events and in autumn, the Demon race and their planet will make an appearance along with religions and a further expansion of the crafting system. Players that enjoyed their free week experience and would like to follow the game’s road to launch are encouraged to purchase a Founder’s Pack. The pack offers a number of exclusive in-game content, but it also gives free week players the opportunity to pick up where they left off. 

To commemorate Fractured Online’s upcoming free week, gamigo has released an artwork trailer that shows off some exciting imagery along with an equally exciting voiceover track. The combination of visuals and audio help bring players closer to the world of Fractured Online in a way that will certainly pique their interest. 

For more information on Fractured Online, visit the following link:

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