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Eukarion Origins coming 
free to Steam

The retro Hack & Slash role-playing game is the prequel to Eukarion Tales 2.

Eukarion Tales: Origins, the highly anticipated prequel to the acclaimed Eukarion Tales 2, can now be wishlist Ed on Steam, ahead of a free download on 3 August. 

Eukarion Tales: Origins is a classic retro-flash title that takes players on a journey through the origins of Marcus, the valiant Knight of Adamantia, where players can immerse themselves in a rich and fantasy-filled storyline within a European Middle Age-inspired world, completely for free.

Are you ready to live Marcus’ extraordinary quest, and go from humble squire to legendary hero?  

Engage in intense battles against hordes of enemies, ranging from vicious bandits to awe-inspiring mythical creatures. Unlock and upgrade a multitude of unique abilities, shaping Marcus into a formidable force. Delve into an enthralling blend of strategic decision-making and adrenaline-fueled action, as you navigate through picturesque castles, lush forests, and ancient ruins.

Eukarion Tales: Origins delivers countless hours of pure Hack’n Slash and RPG fun, allowing you to relish in the nostalgia of the retro gaming era. Embrace old school point-and-click movement and attack controls, and set auto-attack on or off to your liking. Prepare to relive this adventure where the fate of Marcus and the Diamond Order hangs in the balance. Shape his destiny, make impactful choices, and become a legendary Knight in a world teetering on the edge of darkness.

This is part of AgeofGames artifact restoration process, with a full list of other fantastic retro titles being reintroduced throughout the year, and a brand new narrative RPG inspired by their best selling novel, NumeN, preparing for crowdfunding. Support the project here.

Key Features:

  • Hours of free Hack & Slash and RPG enjoyment
  • Unveil Marcus’ journey from squire to legendary Knight in a retro Flash game
  • Battle hordes of enemies and upgrade your character’s abilities
  • Immerse yourself in a fantasy-filled storyline inspired by the European Middle Age
  • Engage in strategic decision-making and adrenaline-fueled action
  • Explore picturesque landscapes and iconic locations


This game is an artifact, a title developed by a small indie team using the full potential and limitations of flash technology back in the early 2000s. The studio warns there may be some technical problems or inconveniences players may encounter during their playthrough. We hope that with these limitations in mind, you will enjoy the experience!

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