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The Mini with
maxi appeal

On a recent launch through the mountains of Mpumalanga, the new Mini Cooper Countryman was put to the test by SHERYL GOLDSTUCK.

The updated Mini Countryman C and S are new editions of a compact SUV that took us to some really interesting and exciting places during its launch. It is fuel efficient, especially on the open road, trustworthy and comfortable.

The Mini Countryman is not your average ride. It is like the ruggedly handsome friend who can rock a suit in the city and then head straight for a mountain hike without breaking a sweat (or needing an outfit change). It has a commanding stance, complete with a cool octagonal grille, sharp headlights, and a hood that looks like it could flex. The new Mini Countryman is 13cm longer and has grown 8cm, caompared to the previous edition, radiating confidence and intrepid individuality,

Through lightweight design and use of recycled aluminium, it contributes to reducing our carbon footprint in various respects – both in production and while driving.

Stepping into the Mini Countryman is a special occasion. When you approach or leave the Mini, there is a welcome and goodbye orchestration that suits your mood. This optionally includes the front and rear lights, with three different selectable light signatures as well as an optional logo projection from both the passenger and the driver-side mirrors. You can indulge your senses and enjoy an interplay of light, sound and feel, all optimised to match your mood.

The Mini Operating System 9 opens up an intuitive user experience and ensures you are connected and in control. The OLED touchscreen is easy to use and acts as a personal assistant with voice control, when saying “Hey Mini”. The Mini Intelligent Personal Assistant operates key functions of the Mini, like navigation, telephony, the radio and even temperature.

In conjunction with the optional Mini Connected Package, you have access to an ever-growing range of practical features and entertaining apps, including options for gaming, music and video streaming.

You can also look forward to a form of in-car gaming that is unique in the automotive sector. Drivers and passengers can play so-called casual games in the AirConsole app when the vehicle is stationary.

Music streaming apps like Spotify and Amazon Music have been adapted to the Mini Operating System 9 so that they integrate into the round Mini Interaction Unit. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also available for wireless smartphone connectivity.

Pricing for the Mini Countryman starts at R569,500.

*Sheryl Goldstuck is general manager of World Wide Worx and editor of GadgetWheels.

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