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CES: Panasonic category charge moves beyond movies



High Speed Projection Mapping

Whether you call it table tennis or Ping-Pong, experience a game with high speed projection mapping that creates an entirely new visual experience to amplify the excitement of sporting and entertainment events. The system can detect the movement of the tiny objects, like a Ping-Pong ball, moving at high speed, enabling the instantaneous creation of dynamic projected content based on real-time movement. It takes only .000016 seconds from detection to projection, making sports and entertainment events more exciting and enjoyable.

Technics SL-1200MK7 Turntable

Derived from the original Technics SL -1200, this sleek direct drive turntable system was designed with DJs in mind. It is packed with sound-enhancing technologies and boasts the popular reverse playback functionality.


The integrated home experience platform is the blueprint to make everyday life better. Through advanced analytics and learning algorithms, HomeX adapts to your patterns and behaviors, allowing appliances, electronics and services to adjust to be more personalized to accommodate and anticipate your needs.

Life Touchpoint

Connected Homeware is Panasonic’s answer to the need for an integrated, personalized home experience. By combining functions under the entire home environment, Connected Homeware can deliver an optimized home solution that is fine-tuned to the needs of each individual. This creates a more comfortable and entertaining environment. And, by connecting to a platform such as HomeX, Connected Homeware delivers a seamless experience to users.

Activity Sensing Technology

New activity sensing technology learns to predict your behavior and support your routine. The activity sensing platform specializes in the understanding of human behavior by processing and analyzing data from multiple sensors, enabling more comfort and personalization for the home.

Home Cybersecurity

Panasonic offers a new approach to detect and repel cyberattacks for IoT devices such as smart home and connected vehicles. The cybersecurity solution protects IoT devices in the local network by countering malicious control commands. The system can adapt to evolving threats, while recording security status to the cloud. The system’s AI engine identifies suspicious events through data analysis and helps maintain network security throughout the life cycle of connected devices.  

Human Insight Technology

Panasonic’s human insight technology offers a new level of understanding of physical and mental states. Panasonic’s human insight technology can provide data to make recommendations to improve the individual’s experience at home, in their place of business or in public spaces. Human insight technology uses non-invasive sensor and imaging to capture and interpret data based on human habits and behaviors. Through analysis of this physical stress data, it becomes possible to design products and environments more optimized for typical human movements and physiology. At CES, participants can see human insight technology in action through an interactive yoga studio.

HomeHawk FLOOR

A CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree, the Panasonic HomeHawk FLOOR combines a slim, ambient floor lamp with a near-invisible camera system. Unlike traditional security cameras that look like security cameras, HomeHawk FLOOR blends into any décor for smart, discreet and reliable home monitoring so you can keep an eye on pets, kids, elderly parents and your belongings from your smart device.

eBike Certification by UL

Panasonic’s eBike has achieved the industry’s first eBike Safety Standard Certification in North America. The eBike standard safety criteria were developed by a panel of industry leaders and government officials and published in early 2020 by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the not-for-profit safety standards development organization and leading safety science company. The number one eBike drive system manufacturer in Japan with more than 40% market share, Panasonic has helped grow the popularity and advancements of electric bicycles around the world. Working with UL, Panasonic is helping meet the growing needs of the U.S. market by driving industry-wide safeguards that would protect riders and their equipment.

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