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CES: Panasonic category charge moves beyond movies



Panasonic’s HomeHawk Floor, named a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Smart Home category, is a home security device designed for smart, discreet and reliable home monitoring.

Unlike traditional security cameras that look like security cameras, the Floor combines a slim, ambient floor lamp with a near-invisible camera system that blends into any decor. It can discreetly keep an eye on pets, kids, elderly parents and belongings from a smart device. Placed in a corner or along a wall in a living room or other interior space, the Floor functions as a sleek designer lamp with ambient lighting.

It incorporates an inconspicuous 1080p Full HD-camera with colour night vision, and motion-activated video recording/storage. Battery power backup provides power for one hour of video recording in the event of power loss or if the system is unintentionally unplugged. For any occasion when monitoring is not required or necessary, the camera includes a privacy mode that can be turned on or off from a phone or tablet. Once activated, camera and microphone functions are fully disabled. 

The Floor includes geo-fencing to control camera settings using the GPS in the phone. With geo-fencing one can, for instance, program ar smart phone to turn on the camera automatically when one leaves the house and turn it off on returning. HomeHawk Floor is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to display camera images, turn ambient light on/off and brighten/dim.

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