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Bandwidth rules at rAge



More than 2 000 gamers burning through bandwidth at a record rate at last weekend really Awesome gaming expo (rAge), with 130TB downloaded at an average rate of 5.6 gigabits per second.

At its peak, participants in the NAG LAN were generating 8 gigabits per second, made possible by MWEB, along with Intel on server duty and Aruba on network duty.

The 15th episode of rAge revealed an industry that is not only thriving, but is here to stay.

Despite adverse weather conditions, the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg saw 35 845 visitors going full-geek over the weekend, with over 130 exhibitors hosting the latest in gaming, technology and gadgets.


“I was a little concerned when looking at the weather conditions before the show, but our fans proved their dedication by showing up in droves to support the expo,” says Michael James, senior project manager for rAge.

The 15th rAge celebrated its growth with VS Gaming as the headline sponsor and OMEN by HP sponsoring the NAG LAN in a weekend featuring competitions, esports tournaments, exhibitions and an array of geeky paraphernalia. Uniting gaming and popular culture, rAge hosted everyone from the most dedicated of gamers to the most casual of fans.unnamed-1

With massive prizes won over the course of the weekend, some of the best games in the industry revealed and launched, the top gadgets and products on display, as well as a unique platform developed for South African cosplay and game development, rAge continues to be a pioneer in creating a fun, interactive and inclusive environment.

“There are three things that make rAge exceptional each year: the exhibitors, my incredible, dedicated ‘nothing is a problem’ team and, of course, the visitors to the show,” says James. “The rAge team is already discussing everything that needs tweaking based on feedback from exhibitors and visitors, and thinking about what we’ll be doing for rAge 2018. This is largely driven by many of the newer exhibitors asking questions about more space, and how they can expand their offering next year. IThe future of this expo is bright.”


The 2018 rAge expo will take place from 5-7 October next year.


Smash hits the
Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. delivers what the fans wanted in the latest “Ultimate” instalment, writes BRYAN TURNER.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest addition to the popular Nintendo Smash series, has landed on the Nintendo Switch with a bang, selling 5-million copies in the first week of its release. The game has been long-anticipated since the console’s release, as many fans consider iy to be a Nintendo staple. And the wait was well worth it.

It features 74 playable fighters, 108 stages, almost 1300 Spirit characters to collect while playing, and a single-player Adventure mode that took about three days (or 28 hours) of gameplay to complete. The game offers far more gameplay than its predecessors, making it the Smash game that gives its players the best bang for their buck.

For those new to the game, the goal is to fight opponents and build up their damage score (draining their health) to knock them off the stage eventually. This makes the game seem chaotic, as many players jump around the platforms as if they were on quicksand, in order to avoid being hit by the other players.

It also services two kinds of players: the competitive and the casual.

Competitive players can be matched on the online service by skill ranking to enjoy playing with similarly high-skilled opponents. This is especially important in e-sports training for the game, and for players wanting to master combos against other human players. The casual gamer is also catered for, with eight-player chaos and button-mashing to see who comes out luckiest. This segment is also important for those wanting to learn how to play.

Training mode is also a place to go for those learning to play. It offers “CPU” players that are graded by intensity to train as a single player to learn a character’s moves, combos and general fighting style. More challenging CPU players can also be used by competitive players to train when there isn’t a Wi-Fi connection available.

Direct Play features in this game, allowing two players with two Switch consoles to play against each other over a direct connection – no Wi-Fi needed. This is especially useful to those who want to have a social gaming element on the go, similar to that of the cable connector of the Gameboy.

Click here to read Bryan Turner review of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Win Funko Fortnite in Vinyl

Gadget and Gammatek have nine Funko Fortnite figurines to give away.



A Funko Pop figurine based on a character set is indicative of reaching the heights of pop culture. It is no surprise, then, that the world’s biggest online game, Fortnite, has its own line of Funko Pop figurines. The Funkos are modeled on the characters in game, including Drift, Ragnarok, Dark Vanguard, Volar, Tracera Ops, and Sparkle Specialist.

Now, local Funko distributor Gammatek has released the Fortnite figurines in South Africa. To celebrate, Gadget and Gammatek are giving away a set of three Funko Fortnite figurines to each of three readers (9 figurines in total). To enter, first click on your favourite Funko Pop on the next page and post the Tweet that appears. Then, follow Gadget on Twitter.

You can put the tweet in your own words, but entries must have the competition’s hashtag (#FunkoFortnite) and mention @GadgetZA to be considered valid.

Click here to select the Funko Fortnite character you want to tweet.

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