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What might have been – Anthony

BritBox premiers the exclusive film Antony, telling the story of what could have been had a murdered youth still been alive

The premise behind BAFTA-nominated film Anthony, exclusive to BritBox, imagines “what might have been” had talented Liverpool teenager Anthony Walker not been killed in a racially motivated attack in 2005.

Anthony Walker was a Liverpool teenager with a devout Christian faith and a love of basketball. Known to his family and friends for his humour, intelligence and compassion, he was halfway through college with dreams of visiting America and studying law at university. But on 29 July 2005 in a Merseyside park, Anthony was murdered in a vicious racist attack.

Premiering on BritBox, this feature stars Toheeb Jimoh in the title role, as BAFTA-winning writer Jimmy McGovern imagines an alternative universe in which the 18-year-old had lived and led a happy, productive life.

Anthony is the story of the life he could have had, inspired by conversations with his mother, Gee Walker (Rakie Ayola), about the boy he was and the man he was poised to become. Last year, Ayola won a Best Supporting Actress BAFTA for her outstanding and nuanced performance.

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