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Thor: War of Tapnarok

Mythical beasts have emerged in battle tapper Thor: War of Tapnarok. Harness the power of your small yet ferocious companions in Thor’s battle against Loki’s forces.

Click below to watch the trailer and to read about the game.



In Thor: War of Tapnarok’s epic new pet system, you can collect 18 new mythical beasts, each belonging to the Fire, Ice, or Gold elements. Collecting full sets of each element will give players tremendous boosts. 

These are adorable, dangerous little creatures, such as shapely Tesseracta who holds immense power, and winged canine Buckyr who lost his left arm in servitude to a great evil, but is now loyal only to you. 

The Norse gods bless players with a mystical egg every 4 hours, and they can choose to stack up to two of these eggs. Once hatched, fans can choose their favourite pet to stay by Thor’s side and unleash an attack every 20 taps. Collect more of the same pet to level up it and unleash its true potential. 

In battle, there is also a chance that a quick time event can be triggered, where players have to tap in a specific pattern to unleash a special attack based on the active pet’s element. 

The game is available now on the Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS.