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The Quarry invites you to a summer camp worth dying for

A frightening new teen-horror game from Supermassive Games and 2K is due to land on 10 June.

Described as a “must-play, must-see teen-horror entertainment experience”, The Quarry is about to land from Will Byles and the award-winning team at Supermassive Games that brought you Until Dawn.

The game features great Hollywood stars and celebrities, including David Arquette (“Scream” franchise), Ariel Winter (“Modern Family”), Justice Smith (“Jurassic World”), Brenda Song (“Dollface”), Lance Henriksen (“Aliens”), Lin Shaye (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”), and more, The Quarry is will launch on 10 June 2022, and will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam.

The last day of summer camp sees the sunset while the teenage counsellors of Hacketts Quarry party without rules or supervision. 

Things rapidly get ugly.

Hunted by blood-drenched locals and something far more sinister, the teens’ party plans unravel into an unpredictable night of horror. Friendly banter and flirtations give way to life-or-death decisions, as relationships build or break under the strain of unimaginable choices.

Pursued by blood-drenched local people and something undeniably more vile, the adolescents’ party plans disentangle into an unusual evening of awfulness. Banter and teases give way to last chance choices, as connections assemble or break under the strain of impossible decisions.

Play as every one of the nine camp counsellors in an exhilarating realistic story, where each decision shapes your extraordinary story from a tangled trap of potential outcomes. Any person can be the superstar – or pass on before sunlight comes. How might your story unfold?

2K and Supermassive Games announced the official trailer for The Quarry, which exhibits the impressive visual loyalty and realistic quality accomplished in the game while introducing a first glance at the famous cast included in the game.

The Quarry is breaking new ground across interactive storytelling and technology to create a truly visceral teen-horror experience,” says director Will Byles. “I can’t wait to see the choices you make, who you’ll save, and who you’re willing to sacrifice!”

2K president, David Ismailer says: “As an interactive narrative experience, The Quarry is a completely different type of game from anything 2K has published in the past. We have partnered because Supermassive Games are great at what they do, and we’re huge fans of the studio. The chance to work with one of the great creative minds in our industry doesn’t come often, and we are excited to be on this journey together with The Quarry.”

Key features for The Quarry include:

  • Your story, their fate: Will you look for what’s behind that trap door? Will you investigate the screams echoing from within the forest? Will you save your friends or run for your life? Every choice, big or small, shapes your story and determines who lives to tell the tale;
  • A stunning cinematic experience: Cutting-edge facial capture and filmic lighting techniques, combined with incredible performances from an iconic cast of Hollywood talent, bring the horrors of Hackett’s Quarry to life in a pulse-pounding, cinematic thrill ride;
  • Enjoy the fright with friends: 7 friends are able to play each other on an online game. Players can watch the game and vote on decisions, creating a story shaped by the whole group. Or, play together in a party horror couch co-op experience where each player selects a counselor and controls their actions;
  • Customise your experience: Being able to adjust the game difficulty levels lets players of any skill level enjoy the horror. Whether you like to watch or play, Movie Mode lets you enjoy The Quarry as a binge-worthy cinematic thriller. You can also select how you want the story to unravel while you relax and watch.

For more information on The Quarry, visit the game’s website.

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