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Get ready for ‘Tekken 8’

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the eighth title of the legendary fighting game series introduces new mechanics and stories, writes JASON BANNIER.

The renowned Tekken fighting game series, that debuted in 1994 as an arcade game and later became a PlayStation port, is preparing for its 8th mainline title, to be released this month.

As the series marks its 30th anniversary, the number of fighters has been reduced, but the stories increased.

Tekken 8 emphasises a new mechanic called the ‘Heat System’, which allows players to harness aggressiveness as a tactic and incorporate offensive attacks into their playstyle. It grants characters access to special moves and enhanced abilities based on their distinct skillsets.

Heat State lasts for 10 seconds per round, and is activated with either the Heat Burst or Heat Engager attacks. During the state, attacks on a guarding opponent inflict recoverable chip damage. Players can consume all their heat energy to execute a Heat Smash attack for massive damage. The Heat Dash opens up combo possibilities, and creates an advantage even if it is blocked. Strategic play can extend the state’s duration, promoting an engaging and aggressive gameplay style.

The new single-player Arcade Quest mode teaches players about the game’s mechanics. It provides an arcade-like experience where players can customise an avatar and master the game while facing stronger opponents as they progress.

The legendary fighting game continues its story with Kazuya Mishima wielding the power of the Devil Gene as he leads the G Corporation in a quest for global domination. Jin Kazama, Mishima’s son, is determined to halt his father’s reign of terror, and confront his own devilish destiny.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the demo showcases high-fidelity character models and cinematic cutscenes, elevating the visual experience. The game features 16 destructible stages and interactive stage elements to provide strategic shifts during combat.

The roster features 32 fighters with some of my favourites being Steve Fox, Yoshimitsu, Jack-8, Hwoarang, and Panda. A new coffee-loving character from Peru, Azucena Ortiz, will be introduced. Jun Kazama returns to the series after 25 years since her disappearance in Tekken 2, while Raven re-emerges after last being part of Tekken 6’s story 15 years ago. Tekken 8 delves into individual character episodes, providing players with insights into the backstories of the fighters.

Players can personalise their experience with a range of options, including avatars, heads, glasses, upper and lower body attire, shoes, and accessories. Player customisation extends to editing titles, gauges, player cards, among others. The game includes a jukebox feature, enabling users to change the background music to suit their preferences.

Developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Arika, Tekken 8 will release on 26 January 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The demois currently available to play.

Steam prices are as follows:

  • Base game at R1,049.00.
  • Deluxe Edition at R1,499.00.
  • Ultimate Edition at R1,649.00.

* Visit the ‘Tekken 8’ website here.

* Jason Bannier is a data analyst at World Wide Worx and writer for Follow him on Twitter and Threads at @jas2bann.

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