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Stellar Data Recovery Professional Mac


It’s two in the morning, you accidentally empty the Trash folder and something important was in there. Something that wasn’t in the cloud. Don’t stress: Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is here.

Click through to read about how the program recovers files, even if they’ve been deleted “permanently”.



Gadget has had this product for review for a while, and it had been tested by permanently deleting useless documents to see if we could get them back. It always recovered files that were supposedly permanently deleted with a “quick scan”, in a few minutes.

This product showed its usefulness two weeks before a major deadline. I was closing programs and getting ready for bed. Final step, empty Trash and go to bed. 

The next morning, the most vital part of the deadline was missing. That sinking feeling hit me when I realised I had emptied the Trash and it may have been in there. After 20 minutes of heavy breathing and clicking around folders to verify that it really was gone, I remembered that Stellar Data Recovery had been installed. 

I started up the program and initiated a quick scan. Nothing showed up because the computer had been shut down since the Trash bin had been emptied. Luckily, the program has a “deep scan” mode, although it takes a few hours. But it did the trick: A few hours later, the folder was recovered with all the files in it. 

This program works and it works well.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional costs $79.99. To read more about this product, click here.