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Sister Boniface Mysteries
are back

A plucky nun takes on crime in the countryside in the second season of the popular series, now streaming on Britbox.

Fans of British crime dramas can now enjoy the second season of Sister Boniface Mysteries, a BritBox Original. The show premiered on 6 April 2023, with two new episodes per week. Lorna Watson returns as Sister Boniface, the amateur detective and nun with an uncanny knack for solving crimes.

Set in the 1960s, Sister Boniface Mysteries takes place in the rural hamlet of Great Slaughter, where police forensics are rudimentary. Fortunately for the residents, they have a secret weapon in the form of Sister Boniface. Despite her predilection for forgiveness, she is a formidable detective, with a faith in forensics that is only matched by her passion for investigation.

In the second season of the show, Sister Boniface takes on a variety of cases. In one episode, she forces a murderer into checkmate at a chess tournament. In another, she takes a spin through a pirate radio station. And in a particularly gripping storyline, she defends her reputation as the conviction of her greatest adversary, The Pear Tree Poisoner, comes into question.

The supporting cast of Sister Boniface Mysteries is also noteworthy. Max Brown (Downton Abbey, The Tudors) and Jerry Iwu (Sex Education, Halal Daddy) both appear in the show. Fans of Father Brown, another popular British crime drama, will appreciate the similarities between the two shows.

For those who are new to the series, BritBox encourages viewers to binge the first season of Sister Boniface Mysteries before diving into the second. And according to America magazine, the show is “beautifully shot and includes plenty of quirky rural characters and scenarios.”

In a world where crime dramas seem to be a dime a dozen, Sister Boniface Mysteries stands out. With its plucky protagonist, picturesque setting, and unique blend of faith and forensics, the show is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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