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Enter the forest at your own peril

A hand-drawn, point-and-click adventure horror game by Elf Games and Luna2 explores the town of Silentown’s perilous surroundings.

Ahead of its release on 11 January 2023, proud developer parents Elf Games and Luna2 are shedding light on how their shared progeny Children of Silentown came to be. 

Originally developed as an animated short, Elf Games and Luna2 collaborated to bring the Children of Silentown into the interactive medium. The making of video tells the tale of how this suggestion snowballed into the game we see today as a full-fledged title, made by this small group of people in their off-hours from their full-time jobs in software development and full-time content creation on YouTube. The passion this team exudes is infectious, poured into the project slowly but steadily over the years. Even Jack, the punk, cannot wait to share it with everyone.

The story follows Lucy, a young girl growing up next to a monster-filled forest where it’s up to her and the player to solve the surrounding mysteries and learn to use her voice. Play minigames, solve puzzles, and collect clues amid atmospheric music and an eerie yet endearing hand-drawn art style. Songs specifically play a paramount role, depending on how many you’re able to learn, you can find yourself at one of multiple endings.

Curious players can try the free prologue on Steam now before Children of Silentown releases in January on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. 

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