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Fight it out in SA- themed ‘Super Dragon’ game

Drawing inspiration from action thriller ‘Boy Kills World’, this fighting game is infused with a South African atmosphere.

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 (SDPF3) is a fighting game made by South African game developer Talent Digital Art. It is inspired by the 2D fighting game in the action thriller film Boy Kills World, starring Bill Skarsgård, Jessica Rothe, Sharlto Copley, and produced by Sam Raimi.

In the game, players master the styles of unique fighters—including ‘Boy’ and axe-wielding ‘June27,’ the characters portrayed by Skarsgård and Rothe respectively in Boy Kills World — joined by original game characters Marlo, Wally, Deb, SK, Jace and Yazya.

Tanya Brits, CEO of Talent Digital Art, says: “SDPF3 is an easy to pick-up but difficult-to-master game designed to be one of the best fighting game experiences to ever be produced for mobile.”

The game mixes an anime- and manga-inspired look and feel and incorporates SA references. It features simple controls and a distinct art style.

“Visually, this is a beautiful game,” says Brits. “Our art department has brought together incredible local talent to ensure SDPF3 stands out with its aesthetics, rivalling or even surpassing the classics we grew up playing.

“We’ve crafted a game that we believe will resonate both internationally and locally. From Amapiano-themed music to iconic SA landmarks and the inclusion of Zanzi Town arena, we’ve infused the game with Mzansi’s essence.”

Judd Fitzjohn, creative director on SDPF3, says: “Intentional design decisions were made to differentiate the game from other fighting titles.

“The game boasts impressive visuals and smooth gameplay without relying on overly complex moves or excessively challenging progression, ensuring accessibility for all players.

“Don’t mistake accessibility for simplicity. Whether you’re engaging in the PvE single-player campaign or challenging other players in PvP mode, the game offers rewarding gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.”

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 features cross-play between PC and mobile, and full controller support. Rollout to consoles is on the cards for the future. SDPF3 is free-to-play, and available on iOS, Android and PC via Steam.

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