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Celestials shine

The Sport SV Celestial Collection is a limited collection of five exquisitely crafted curations inspired by ancient mythology and the cosmos.

Range Rover has unveiled a collection of exquisitely crafted, bespoke Range Rover Sport SV vehicles, inspired by the world’s oldest stories and deepest mysteries.

The Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection consists of five curations, each inspired by ancient mythology and the cosmos. From the natural tones of ‘Gaea,’ to the bright yellow exterior of ‘Sol,’ each curation provides clients with a unique and personalised vision of the luxury performance SUV.

“The cosmos is a transcendent theme that crosses boundaries, fascinating and uniting people globally,” says Phoebe Lindsay, Range Rover materiality manager. “It’s a theme that feels appropriate for the first collection for the Range Rover Sport SV – embodying modern luxury design, while pushing the boundaries of the British originality Range Rover is famed for.

“The idea of mystery and intrigue from the celestial sky was key – the symbolism you can find throughout the collection draws a deeper meaning. These stories have been carefully considered to reflect the exemplary tastes of our clients.”

Each curation features a bespoke exterior colour,with unique inscriptions and finishes throughout the interior, such as on the console and treadplates.

Range Rover MD Geraldine Ingham said:“Today’s discerning luxury clients are looking for more than just aesthetics – we want to create vehicles with which they form personal connections and bonds. A Range Rover Sport is designed to make our clients feel connected, in control, and as relaxed or inspired as they wish behind the wheel. The Celestial Collection from Range Rover Sport SV is an ethereal and unique collection of some of our most luxurious vehicles, each beautifully crafted and considered, for the clients who value meaning, spirituality and storytelling.”

Range Rover provided the following details of the Sport SV Celestial Collection:

Range Rover Sport SV Gaea Curation

Drawing inspiration from Greek Mythology, Gaea represents where life started – the Earth. Taking inspiration from both land and sea, Gaea – denoted on the vehicle in a slanted symbol representing a wave against land, features a Green Terre Matte exterior paint finish. The tailpipe – created from Satin Forged Carbon Fibre, with Carbon Bronze ceramic calipers, creates a modern natural look, complemented by a Narvik Black roof and mirrors and intricate script badging with a Graphite Atlas inner and Narvik Black outer. The interior is available in two colourways; a Caraway Windsor leather with Kvadrat steelcut backboards, Natural Brown Silver Birch wooden finishers and a tonal stitch, or a leather-free Ebony and Cinder Grey with a matching steering wheel and Natural Black-Silver Birch wooden finishers – again a nod to the Earth theme.

Range Rover Sport SV Theia Curation

Drawing further on the mythological theme, Theia – a Titaness, and daughter of Uranus and Gaea – is associated with sight and shimmering light.

On the inside, a symbol, present in the Grand Black gloss finisher and found on the headrests and console, represents sight and light; ties to the theme in many ways, including Theia’s watchful eye, the moons craters, or a constellation. A curated Ebony and Ecru Windsor leather interior features a Kvadrat steelcut backboard; also available in a more dramatic Ebony and Pimento Windsor Leather with additional Pimento contrast binding on the carpet mats. A satin forged carbon fibre finisher in the centre console shimmers beautifully in the light.

The exterior – a warm-toned Ilmenite Grey Satin paint finish with a hint of metallic flake, inspired by the moon. A 23” forged wheel in a champagne gold finish is complemented by black carbon ceramic brake calipers.

Range Rover Sport SV Io Curation

Io, the most volcanically active body in the Solar System prompted the Range Rover SV Bespoke design team to develop a distinctive, bright and sophisticated orange exterior colour. Cyllene Gloss is reminiscent of Io’s surface, which constantly undergoes volcanic change, as seen on the vehicle’s gloss finish as it is viewed in different lights. The exterior is complemented by gloss twill carbon fibre tailpipes and carbon script badging, as well as an exposed carbon fibre twill gloss contrast bonnet. 23” Twill carbon fibre gloss wheels are complemented by bespoke silver carbon ceramic brake calipers. On the inside, clients can choose from Ebony and Lunar Windsor leather, with 3D knit seats, and Satin Twill carbon fibre seat backboards and seat collar bezels. Clients can also choose a distinctive Ebony and Rosewood configuration – in harmony with the bright exterior – featuring Rosewood leather across the seats, centre console and door armrests, complemented with a Satin Twill Carbon Fibre finisher.

Range Rover Sport SV Vega Curation

An exceptionally bright star from the Lyra constellation with a lot of blue in its spectrum – inspiring the exterior blue gloss colour which was uniquely developed from a reference of the star itself. Its name, Vega, altered from the Arabic al-nasr al-wāqiʽ, literally, the descending eagle,” – is denoted on the vehicle with the downwards wing-like symbol. Its exterior colour, Verrier Blue, is a tribute to French astronomer Urban La Verrier, who mathematically predicted the location of Neptune. The exterior features an exposed Carbon Fibre Twill Gloss contrast bonnet, with the same finish across the script badging, tailpipes and 23in wheels – which also feature Nano Yellow carbon ceramic brake calipers. Two interior options are available – light Ebony and Perlino leather seats, featuring the symbol on the headrests, complemented by a Natural Cream Ash Burr finisher on the cupholders. A darker, leather free Raven Blue and Ebony option features a tonal stitch, with Raven Blue binding on the carpet mats, and a darker Natural Black Birch finisher. Both feature Ebony Kvadrat Steelcut backboards on the seats.

Range Rover Sport SV Sol Curation

Sol Curation is a representation of the Sun which has always served as a powerful symbol of life and divinity. Sol is visually striking and dramatic, displaying the power of the sun with a distinctive Aurora Yellow gloss exterior – a tribute to the Aurora Borealis phenomenon hinted at with its greenish-yellow colour. This curation features a Narvik Gloss black contrast roof and mirrors, with Satin Forged Carbon exterior finishers and tailpipes, 23in Forged Black wheels, with Blue Nebula carbon ceramic brake calipers. Again, on the interior, clients can select from two configurations; Navy Windsor leather with Light Cloud contrast stitching, with matching carpet mats, or a leather-free Ebony interior with a contrast Nano-Yellow stitching and satin forged carbon fibre seat backboards and finisher.

The exclusivity of the Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection is assured by a limited allocation of only five units for South Africa – representing each of the five unique curations. Local availability will be confirmed in due course.

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