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Foton launches biggest lineup of the year

No less than eight new light commercial vehicles were unveiled by China’s leader in the segment.

The number one selling commercial vehicle brand in China, Foton, has unveiled its latest lineup in South Africa.

In partnership with Combined Motor Holdings Limited (CMH), Foton announced a range of robust cutting-edge light commercial vehicles in the largest line-up launch from one brand in 2024.

Foton South Africa introduced the following line-up:

  • Tunland Double Cab 2.0 Diesel
  • Tunland Hi Rider Single Cab 2.0 Diesel
  • View Minibus. (15-seater luxury Automatic shuttle bus) 2.0 Diesel
  • Asambe, meaning “let’s go” in Zulu.  16 seater Taxi 
  • Miler. (2.1 Ton Truck )
  • eAumark (Fully electric 4 Ton Truck.)
  • eTruckmate (Fully electric 1.2 Ton Mini Truck)
  • eView Panel Van (Fully electric LWB Panel Van)

Android and Apple car play comes standard in all double cabs for added convenience and safety.

“Each of these models is designed to cater to the varied needs of South African consumers, embodying Foton’s dedication to superior performance, advanced safety features, and environmental consciousness whilst achieving their goal to be South Africa’s most affordable commercial range,” said the company in its launch announcement. 

Foton has had a presence in South Africa since 2008, delivering vehicles across various segments, and has been the number one commercial brand in China for 19 consecutive years.  The brand is represented in 110 countries.

CMH Group, a key player in the South African automotive market, is exclusive distributor for Foton’s new vehicle lineup. This strategic partnership combines Foton’s global expertise with CMH’s extensive local knowledge and resources, ensuring that South African customers receive service and support.

“Many small trucks and bakkies have four wheels, an engine, and are reasonably reliable,” says Marius Smal, CEO of Foton SA. “The Foton G7 pickup range has all this and more: it’s sexy, features future-proof styling, and boasts a 3-ton towing capacity. Best-in-class pricing, robust performance and like-for-like specification in comparison with traditional brands, all the right ingredients for ‘fun and business’, at the right price.”

Foton South Africa will boast a network of 40 dealerships strategically located across the country, providing sales, maintenance, and support services.

Foton’s state-of-the-art 10 000m2 parts warehouse, managed by Mandarin Parts Distributors, is supporting after-sales service needs.

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