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Population Zero landscapes revealed

The makers of Population Zero have released a new gameplay video that shows off the world of Kepler, its Biomes, and its landscapes.

In Population Zero, 470 light-years away from Earth, the player reawakens in a completely unfamiliar frontier, that will either become their new home or a grave. This remote world is as alluring as it is dangerous. Kepler is a vast seamless world with seven distinct Biomes. They boast surreal scenery and incredible wildlife. Every part of the planet was meticulously handcrafted to tell a story and ignite the urge to make discoveries.

Players can navigate tall ridges and deep canyons, drylands and roadless jungles, anomalous regions and lava currents. The remains of ancient goliaths, the fragments of colonists’ spaceship and mysterious artifacts hold the planet’s secrets and valuable resources.

The journey across Kepler and the exploration of its regions allow for the obtaining of new technologies, crafting recipes, and knowledge about the world, its denizens, and secrets.

In the Hub, players can meet other survivors. Non-playable characters will ask for help and share their knowledge of Kepler. By completing their requests, players will progress through the storyline towards the 7-day cycle goal, unlock public workbenches, and gain experience points needed to level up the player account.

Population Zero launches on 5 May via Steam, and players interested in participating in beta tests can buy a Founder’s Pack.

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