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Opera 54 builds blockchain into browser

Opera has announced that it is the first major browser to integrate a crypto wallet to enable access to a range of blockchain services.



Opera has added cryptocurrency capabilities to its latest version of its Opera browser for Android – Opera for Android 54. This version of the browser integrates Bitcoin (BTC) and TRON payments to its crypto wallet, along with a refreshed user interface (UI) with ten new colour themes.

The Android version of Opera had supported Ethereum only, and has now added support for Bitcoin and TRON, enabling payments and transactions to be made directly in the browser without any extensions. By opening its Crypto Wallet to some of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, Opera is making it possible to send and receive these virtual currencies directly from the browser in the same way one would send or receive an image or music file.

Opera also now supports online payments with blockchain where merchant support exists. This means users can pay with their cryptocurrency that’s a built-in wallet, including sending person-to-person and interacting with websites to pay for goods or services.

Stefan Stjernelund, Product Manager of Opera for Android, says: “We realise that mobile browsers are no longer just a means to connect users to the internet – they have evolved into multipurpose tools that are actively removing the barriers to owning and transacting using cryptocurrencies.”

Now for ‘transition focus’

Opera has added a splash of colour to its user experience. The browser’s upgraded UI focuses on reducing unnecessary distractions by introducing a new concept called “transition focus”. 

“Transition focus is a beautiful interface that features a clean, bloat-free design to ensure features like a free unlimited VPN, a built-in ad blocker and the Crypto Wallet that can be accessed quickly and fluidly,” says Stjernelund.

Opera has added ten colour options that enable users to adjust the browser to their taste and preference. The browser’s colour themes can match the Android system’s dark or light mode or be set up independently.

Stjernelund says: “We want the Opera browser to set a new standard among browsers by providing the features that a modern browser should have. With this version, we are ushering in a series of design changes and digital tools that speak to the future of browsing, one that goes beyond just connecting users to the internet.”

Opera continues to provide an integrated news service – Opera News – that keeps users up to date with current affairs. It also includes a cleaner design with integrated night mode to put less strain on readers’ eyes.

Opera for Android 54 is available for download on the Google Play Store.