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Cyberpunk meets
noodle delivery!

In the hilarious ‘Death Noodle Delivery’, play as a hoverboard-riding deliveryman who faces the dangers of his cyberpunk city.

The game’s slogan sums it all up: “Welcome Jimmy, Remember To Deliver My Noodles, Try Not To Die Badly But Most Importantly Don’t Waste My Noodles.”

Death Noodle Delivery is a surreal, cyberpunk narrative-action game wherein citizens have turned to their worst vices in a corrupt world. Dangers are everywhere, and players must deliver noodles, and survive attacks from their competition, a pizza delivery company.

Players step into the shoes of Jimmy, who’s struggling to stay afloat. With everything falling apart around him and his buddies facing similar struggles, he is barely scraping by. However, fortune smiles upon him when he lands a noodle-delivery job.

Most citizens spend their entire lives working and seeking leisure within the walls of their apartments, connected to cyberspace, seeking to quench themselves in all kinds of pleasures. However, not everyone can live a good life, and some still have physical jobs. This is the case for Jimmy, who must deliver noodles across the crime-ridden cybercity.

The game proposes a blend of fast-paced action and storytelling, allowing players to uncover the secrets of the game world as they progress through the seven-day survival challenge. From engaging in conversations with quirky neighbours to scouring the web for hacks and hidden pleasures, players can let themselves delve deep into the heart of this metropolis.

The game features the ability to upgrade and customise Jimmy’s hoverboard into a formidable weapon. Players can transform their old board into a powerful machine by hacking artificial intelligence, and installing new upgrades, such as time warp.

Death Noodle Delivery is currently available at a 15% discount for R44.20 on Steam until 13 April 2024. It will be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation later this year.

* Visit the official website for ‘Death Noodle Delivery’ here.

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