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Nokia 5.4 – Out now

The Nokia 5.4, Nokia’s latest handset, was released this week, and packs a quad camera array with zero shutter lag.



The home of Nokia phones, HMD Global, has today launched the latest addition to its 5 series smartphones – the Nokia 5.4.

The Nokia 5.4 is a suitable partner for budding photographers. The quad-camera stamps out shutter lag and has been upgraded to 48 megapixels – that’s 162 times better than the first Nokia camera phone (the Nokia 7650).

Nokia provided the following information on features of the 5.4:

  • 4000mAh battery – enough juice to handle 42 commutes (mean global commute is 67 minutes) with power to spare to check-in with the kids
  • 3 years of security updates – the same time it takes for a child to walk, talk, learn to speak and tell their own stories
  • Tough polycarbonate body – strong enough to withstand the weight of a 10-year-old child (average global weight is 70.5lb)
  • 48MP camera – 160 times more detail than the first Nokia camera phone (Nokia 7650) 
  • 0 shutter lag – 100% chance of capturing your child’s first cartwheel on camera
  • 60FPS – nearly 3 times as smooth as cinema industry cameras 

Shaun Durandt, general manager for Southern Africa at HMD Global, says: “With the Nokia 5.4 we wanted to combine high performance with great value and offer more with this phone. I like to think we set the bar for what mid-range phones should offer, so it’s hugely important to me to design phones that not only perform but are also secure and built to last. Being built to last is about much more than craftsmanship, it’s the ongoing maintenance and updates. Whether you’re powering an electric car or a Nokia handset, understanding that software updates are vital to ensuring your tech’s performance is crucial. I’m proud to say that we are one of the firms who do this best.”

Pricing and availability

The Nokia 5.4 is now available in South Africa in the Polar Night colour option in the 4/64GB configuration. Priced from R279 per month or from R3,799. The device also comes with a free phone cover & screen protector valued at R350.