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Owl City drops original theme song on Neural Cloud

Vibe out to Adam Young’s latest sci-fi themed music project while attempting to free your consciousness from cyberspace in the new chapter of the Girls’ Frontline game series.

Neural Cloud is a strategy RPG featuring an intuitively designed deck-builder, delivering hyper-charged combat sequences on a tiled battlefield. Fast-paced gameplay is punctuated by a soundtrack full of melody and attitude. 

In the game, players assume the role of the Professor, who, after three years of dormancy, has awoken in 2060 in the virtual cloud network. He is surrounded by other AI consciousnesses who were uploaded and scattered following a tragic technological “accident.” 

The Professor must save these beings — known as Exiles — by banding together to escape the virtual purgatory. You must uncover the truth behind your demise and Project Neural Cloud, or else face an eternity lost in cyberspace. 

Combat requires an assembled team of Dolls—androids once from the physical realm programmed for war, labor, and entertainment. They utilise their individual powers and abilities to overcome Sanctifiers: the Anti-Virus AIs created to keep the Dolls contained to the cloud network. 

Dolls, collected via Neural Cloud’s proprietary gacha mechanic, move on the battlefield according to a tile format that functions as a puzzle. The appropriately skilled Dolls and attacks must be unleashed before enemies reach the frontline.

Key features, as provded by developer Mica Team and publisher Sunborn Network Technology, include: 

  • Build Your Team of Dolls: Next-gen Dolls from all walks of life await your orders! Seek them out and expand the ranks of the Exiles. Train, buff, and customize them, then unleash them in battle to help them break free of the shackles on their consciousness.
  • Strength & Strategy: The tiled battlefield possesses more than one way to achieve victory; take risks and keep the end goal in mind! Move strategically and keep your most powerful Dolls on the frontline. Collect Function Effect cards during battle sequences to buff your team for a true roguelike experience.
  • Build Your Oasis: Everyone needs a place to call home, and that’s just what the Professor has “uploaded” into the cloud network in the form of the Oasis home base. Collect materials on your journey to upgrade facilities, construct dormitories, and source materials passively for buffs and perks that can be used in the next battle.

*Join on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play — download now and play for free.

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