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Ndlovu Youth Choir release music video for Shallow

The vibrant Ndlovu Youth Choir has released their new music video ‘Shallow’ off their latest album Rise.



The vibrant Ndlovu Youth Choir continues to capture the hearts and minds of South Africans with the stirring visuals for their new music video ‘Shallow’ off their latest album Rise.

On Shallow, the infectious energy of this 30-strong choir, ranging in age from 14 – 24 from the beautiful Moutse Valley in rural Limpopo is clear. The choir, well known for their soul-stirring renditions of well-known covers, re-interpret this beautiful single with their own style, feel and breath-taking harmonies.

Artistic director of Ndlovu Youth Choir, Ralf Schmitt says: “For us as a choir, it is important that each project we take on has a strong focus on not only the performance aspect, but that it is an opportunity for us to upskill all our choristers where we can. We’re excited with the new direction the choir is taking in not only being a performing arts organisation but now also working in the writing space, creating new and original song content.”