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MSI, ACGL open Fortnite tournament series

MSI, Redragon, Sparkfox, and ACGL are hosting a Fortnite tournament from now to 27 June, with a prize pool of over R30,000.



MSI, Redragon, Sparkfox, and ACGL are hosting the first season in a new Fortnite tournament series. Season one of the #MythicRoyale is being hosted from 3 February until 27 June and features a total prize pool of over R30, 000 spread over the entire season.

Ryan Martyn, Sales and Marketing Director of Syntech, says: “After we saw how passionately the South African gaming and streamer communities responded to our partnership with ACGL during the #StreamerRoyale Fortnite tournament last year, it was clear that we wanted to do more to support the Fortnite player base.

“Season one of the #MythicRoyale will be powered by our longtime partners Redragon and Sparkfox. Joining them is MSI, our latest partner in the gaming space. These brands all share our aspiration of providing accessible platforms for gamers to connect and compete, whatever their skill level or preferred platform.”

Fortnite players across all platforms (PC, console, and mobile) will be able to compete in ACGL’s regular weekly tournaments and daily matchfinders, accruing ELO points as they play. Completing a monthly cycle and placing in the top 60 of the ELO leaderboards will ensure a spot in the custom #MythicRoyale lobby finale. 

The monthly finales will rotate Solos, Duos, and Squads modes throughout the first season. Each month’s finale will be streamed live via the ACGL YouTube channel.

Mechiel Schoeman, Marketing Manager of MSI South Africa, says: “We’re excited to partner with ACGL once again, this time alongside our latest distributor Syntech. Together, we’re continuing our drive to support the passionate local gaming community, whether they’re playing on an MSI Gaming system or mobile. The #MythicRoyale thus helps drive that passion in the gaming community, whilst simultaneous giving rise to exciting content creation opportunities, which fits perfectly with our “For Gamers and Creators” slogan.”

The following dates have been set for the Mythic Royale monthly finales:

  • Solo: 29 February
  • Duo: 28 March
  • Squad: 25 April
  • Solo: 30 May
  • Duo: 27 June  

To celebrate the partnership with MSI, Redragon, & Sparkfox, ACGL users can unlock a new Avatar kit to customise their user profile. To secure the Avatar kit, the following goals will need to be completed during the course of the season:

  • Watch a Mythic Royale live stream
  • Comment on a Mythic Royale article
  • Play in one Fortnite tournament

For more information about the #MythicRoyale tournament powered by MSI, Redragon, and Sparkfox, including dates and rules, or the registration page, click here. Registration is open now.

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Spirit of the North comes to Switch and PC

A Nordic-inspired adventure game, Spirit of the North, will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch later this year.



Merge Games have announced a partnership with Infuse Studio to bring the emotional exploration-puzzle adventure, Spirit of the North, to Nintendo Switch and PC later this year.

Spirit of the North is a single-player, 3rd-person adventure game inspired by the breath-taking and mysterious landscapes of Iceland. The story takes root from various pieces of Nordic folklore.

Breathe in the surroundings to solve various puzzles and speculate the meaning of a lost ancient civilisation. With the help of a companion, shed light on the ruins of the past and overcome obstacles.

Play as an ordinary red fox whose story becomes entwined with the guardian of the Northern Lights, a female spirit fox. As players journey over the mountains and under red-stained skies, they will discover more about their companion and a land left in ruin. Traverse tundra, glaciers, and mountainsides as they follow a foreboding scarlet trail that paints the sky.

Key Features:

  • Make your way across stunning landscapes, on an emotionally stirring journey.
  • Solve environmental puzzles to change the world around you, using ancient powers bestowed upon you by the guardian of the Northern Lights.
  • Follow the mysterious Spirit Fox across a land left in ruin as you discover more about a lost civilization.
  • Moving orchestral soundtrack featuring 14 original compositions.

To find out more about the game, visit here:

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Crash Team Racing gets Grand Prix season

The Crash Bandicoot-themed racing game, Crash Team Racing, gets a downloadable content pack with 50 more kart bodies and 51 new characters.



The villainous Nitros Oxide has decided earth is no longer of interest, and has challenged Crash and team to one last epic battle on his home planet in the Gasmoxia Grand Prix.

During this toxic race to the finish, players will challenge each other on an epic new track high up in Gasmoxia’s atmosphere, where two rival fast-food conglomerates are battling it out for planet domination (and a CTR TV sponsorship). New skins, karts, an imperious new character to unlock and a new track to conquer, touted as the most technical track ever assembled in Crash Team Racing – players will have a wild ride in this Grand Prix season.

New characters: As if Oxide’s presence wasn’t enough, he’s enlisted help from the Galaxy’s self-proclaimed ruler, Emperor Velo. Unlock this devious new character in the Nitro Gauge.

New time trials: Velo isn’t just making an appearance this season, he’s providing a new challenge in Time Trials.

New karts: Your intergalactic ride awaits. Unlock three hovering new karts this season: the Void Manta, the Velo Chopper, and the retro-vibing Galactic Cruiser.

Pit stop items: When in Gasmoxia, do as the Gasmoxians do. Look like a local with a wide array of new Pit Stop items to swag out your racer and kart in the space-adventuring theme of the planet.  

The Gasmoxia Grand Prix season is set to go live this today, 20 February, at 5 PM SAST. With the launch of the Gasmoxia Grand Prix this week, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled boasts a total of eight Grand Prix seasons, 40 racetracks, 12 Battle Arenas and more than 50 characters.

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