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Logitech brings AI Sight to SA

A new AI-powered camera launches in South Africa today, aimed at improving the video conferencing experience.

The Logitech Sight AI camera and Rally Bar Huddle, both designed to improve the video conferencing experience for those not in the office, are being released in South Africa today.

The Sight is an AI-powered tabletop camera that works with the Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to intelligently capture the best perspective of meeting participants and track their conversations as they move around a conference room. It diminishes the feeling of being left out by giving remote workers an at-the-table experience when meeting with in-office colleagues.

“We’re no longer all at home in equal-sized video boxes like we were during the height of the pandemic,” says Charis Nicholas, Logitech head of high touch and end user video collaboration in Southern Africa. “In a hybrid work world, a mix of in-office and remote workers increases the challenge of delivering equitable experiences to everyone”.

With dual 4K cameras and seven beamforming microphones, Sight captures conversation and non-verbal communication as it naturally happens. This, in turn, enhances employee participation and engagement by helping remote attendees feel as if they are in the room. At a later stage, Sight will enable RightSight with Smart Switching, adaptive intelligence that selects the best view between the tabletop camera and front-of-room camera, intuitively switching between views of in-person interactions and tracking conversations naturally.

By integrating with leading video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, Sight makes it easier to use hybrid-friendly meeting layout features like Zoom Smart Gallery and Microsoft Teams dynamic view. Compatibility with popular platforms also promises IT teams that their smart room technology will continue to meet the evolving needs of their hybrid workforce.

The Rally Bar Huddle is specifically designed for rooms of up to six people to ensure every participant is seen and heard in 4K clarity. Using built-in AI video intelligence, meeting hosts can welcome remote participants to the conversation without compromising engagement. The newly improved ported audio system gives Rally Bar Huddle twice the audio quality of the Logitech MeetUp. It is partnered by an advanced sound pickup via six beamforming mics and AI-based noise suppression that creates a natural meeting experience for remote employees.

“Huddle rooms are popping up faster than companies can video-enable them,” says Nicholas says, “We designed the Rally Bar Huddle from the ground up to have the optimal AI functionality for modern equitable meetings while coming in at a price point that is affordable for any and every single huddle room out there.”

The Logitech Rally Bar Huddle sells at s a recommended retail price of R50,000, and the Logitech Sight AI camera at R35,000.

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