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LG unveils FOMO channel

Exclusive content from Balmain Fashion House and Lady Gaga will debut on LG’s Fear Of Missing OLED channel, available now for LG Smart TV users.



LG has launched a cinematic content channel, which will showcase experiences that are shot in excellent picture quality, unlocking the potential of LG OLED TVs. The LG FOMO Channel app, for “Fear of Missing OLED,” is now available exclusively to LG Smart TV owners. 

With LG’s OLED technology, users can experience deep black replication, infinite contrast, and vibrant colours that come to life on screen. The FOMO Channel app, which is available via the LG Content Store, gives a first look at new content from some of the world’s big names.  

Kicking things off, available now on FOMO, is a rebroadcast of the front-row festivities from the fashion house Balmain’s recent Spring/Summer 2021 show at Paris Fashion Week, including FOMO Channel-exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.  

Up next, the FOMO Channel will feature bonus footage from the shoot of Grammy Award-winning artist Lady Gaga’s 911 music video, along with behind-the-scenes commentary with director, producer and screenwriter Tarsem Singh, and an exclusive video edit.  

“I’m so thrilled to see how everyone has responded to our short film,” says Lady Gaga. “For 911, Tarsem and I worked together to create an exclusive visual experience which will air only on LG’s FOMO Channel. This version of the film will push the boundaries of the visuals and truly deliver the vibrant colours, dramatic blacks, and infinite contrast the way we envisioned them. We hope you enjoy this special version of our film which will air exclusively on LG OLED TVs, allowing you to see the details unlike anywhere else.”  

“When it came to re-imagining Paris Fashion Week and creating a new age front-row, we wanted the very best technology partner that could bring the audience to life,” says Olivier Rousteing, fashion design at Balmain. “Of course there is nothing better than the energy of a live show but we have learned during this unusual time that certain technology like LG OLED delivers an unrivalled premium experience with perfect blacks, explosive colours, and realistic and crisp picture quality that will truly transform our show and bring the audience to life like no other TV can.”  

“LG OLED TV’s are celebrated worldwide because they are engineered to enhance the consumer experience and deliver content exactly as the creator intended, with a picture quality that will take your breath away,” says Peggy Ang, LG’s vice president of marketing. “The FOMO Channel offers yet another unique experience, capitalizing on LG’s OLED technology and collaborating with incredible and world-renowned talents to create new and exciting home experiences for LG OLED owners.”  

With the launch of the FOMO Channel, LG becomes a destination and content creator, delivering unique cultural experiences and providing rare, undivided access to truly transform your living room. Additional partnerships will be announced with content available across all entertainment categories, including art, sports, music and more.  

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