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Shadow Arena gets new hero

Tantu is the latest hero added to Shadow Arena, an expansion of Black Desert Online. The new hero can deal continuous damage with combo attacks.

Pearl Abyss has announced Shadow Arena, the battle royale game expanding the world of Black Desert Online, is getting a new hero by the name of Tantu. 

Tantu is a hero who uses the lost technology from ancient times. While he does attack enemies with his long-range attack, he can damage those near him with melee skills as well. If you are looking for a hero that deals continuous damage rather than with a single combo attack, then Tantu is the hero for you. 

Tantu uses armoured cannons called Iron Buster, and the firepower behind it packs a punch. Not only does the hit from the cannon give ridiculous damage, it also blows them back. He also has a skill that quickly catches an approaching enemy and throw them down. This skill can catch the opponent regardless of defense and Super Armor status.  

In addition, Battle Pass Season 2 has begun and the celebratory event is underway. You can register for the event with the merch tickets you can get from the pass. Two limited edition hero skins are available to those who collect enough battle points.  

Players also have a chance to win prizes such as Samsung gaming monitors (Odyssey G7 C27G75T QHD), Logitech gaming speakers (G560 LightSync), Razer gaming keyboards (Blackwidow Ultimate), and Razer gaming headsets (Razer Kraken Pro). The chance of winning increases with more Merch Tickets that come from Battle Points. 

The winners will be randomly selected and announced on 10 December on the Shadow Arena website

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