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LG goes Boom in the hand

LG’s Boom Go PL7 packs a punch in a small, portable format, with excellent battery life, writes BONGANI SITH0LE

What is it?

A compact format, solid bass and long battery life make the LG Boom Go PL7 speaker a solid choice for portability. 

Beautifully rounded design, measuring only 245 x 98 x 98mm and with a rubberized surface,  makes the Bluetooth speaker easy to hold in hand, although it can get a bit heavy and you may feel its weight after a while. 

It is eye-catching too: the side woofer lights up with various colours to the beat of the music that is played.  A flap beneath the logo reveals a port station with a micro USB-C port for charging, auxiliary output and a USB port for charging mobile devices. The top of the speaker houses buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, volume and play buttons, as well as a battery level indicator (green = Fully Charged/ Fully battery, orange = Medium battery, red = Requires charging),

The speaker sounded solid in our review, the bass played well, we could hear the instruments well without the music sounding like an echo, and we could clearly hear the artist’s vocals. 

Turning on Sound Boost widens the soundstage, delivering more power and energy from the 2.3-inch woofer.

LG says the speaker’s 3900mAh battery is sufficient for “approximately” 24 hours, but that “estimation” includes playing music at 50% volume and turning off mood lights and Meridian Sound Boost. Actual battery life varies depending on usage. For the speaker to reach 100% full charge, you must charge it for 5 hours.

The speaker is water resistant to IPX5, meaning that it shouldn’t be dunked in water but after a few sprays of water it still plays well.

The PL7 works with the Bluetooth Surround Enabled feature supported by various LG TVs. This means that, if you have two speakers, you can connect them to a compatible TV and enjoy surround sound.

The Speaker supports Google Assistant/Siri through a mobile device

What does it cost?

R 3,069 although price varies for different outlets

What are the biggest negatives?

  • No wifi connection
  • 24-hour battery life applies only to low-level usage

What are the biggest positives?

  • Water-resistant
  • Good sound quality
  • Highly portable
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