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‘King of Crabs’ update out today

The cult indie hit game will emerge from early access for full release on Steam next week.

The latest update to King of Crabs is being released across Steam, iOS and Android today, 20 September.

Robot Squid will release the game from early access on Steam next week, on 26 September. 

King of Crabs originally came to PC in 2020 and saw significant organic streamer activity due to it’s casual, humorous approach to the popular genre. It sets itself apart by combining simple mechanics with a striking art style and intense gameplay, and of course a whole heap of crab puns.

 A full cross play title, King of Crabs pits both real and fictional crabs against each other in themed arenas where you can scavenge various weird and wonderful equipment to aid your climb to the top.

New game mode – Crab Royale!

Available now to play for free on Steam and mobile, the new update features a brand new game mode where players will have to scrap in an ever shrinking map, pinned in by a sandstorm! With just one life, this is a fast paced, high intensity take on the original game mode and compliments it perfectly. It’s clawsome!

New Crab!

A new season wouldn’t be the same without a new crab, and the latest addition is possibly the sharpest yet!  Samurai Crab will be joining the cast featuring its own brand-new devastating sword, shield and slicing shurikens special ability.  On top of all this there’s a new ram hat, new battleaxe weapon and a flying fish pet, as well as many other goodies!

Classic Crabs Mode

Of course the King of Crabs base mode is still front and center featuring a drop in drop out system, respawns and loads of lucious loot!  Dive in with your favorite crab, scuttle around defeating smaller enemies, collecting the best weapons and armor and preparing to battle the best of the rest and become the King of Crabs.

Free to Play

King of Crabs remains free to play as it always has been so dive in and unleash your inner crustation.

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