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New Instax Wide 400 camera goes large

The first Instax Wide camera announcement in three years refreshes a format that creates new shooting possibilities.

Fujifilm has announced the latest additions to its Instax line-up, with the new Instax Wide 400 and the refreshed Mini LiPlay hybrid camera/printer.

The Instax Wide 400 is the successor to 2014’s Wide 300 and is the first Wide product since the Instax Link Wide printer launched in 2021.

Wide-format film, with its image size of 62 x 99mm (double that of Instax Mini film), offers the ability to capture a broader range of photographic scenes, making it particularly well-suited for group shots and landscape photography.

Apart from the appeal of instant analogue photography with Instax’s largest format film, the Wide 400 is exceptionally easy to shoot with. A single left turn of the dial around the lens powers it on to normal mode and, once the shutter button is pressed, a photo prints out almost immediately, developing within 90 seconds.  

For capturing scenery at a distance of three meters or more, users can turn the lens in the same direction to switch to landscape mode, ensuring in-focus pictures. The camera package includes a close-up lens, allowing users to capture subjects as close as 40cm without  focus problems.

‎Positioned on the front of the camera, a self-timer offers another user-friendly experience. By turning the lever, a sequence of LEDs illuminates, providing a timer of up to 10 seconds. Once the shutter button is pressed, a countdown begins, with the LEDs diminishing at an interval of two seconds. The charm of capturing memorable group shots is elevated with the tactile act of turning the lever and the counting down of subtle timer sound.

To make it easier to take group pictures, Instax includes a camera angle adjustment accessory, placed underneath the camera for shooting without the need for a tripod. This accessory offers two different angles that can be attached according to the height of the subject. The camera also includes a built-in automatic flash with a range of up to three metres. Finally, the Instax Wide 400 is powered by four AA batteries (included), with the ability to print in the region of 100 Wide prints.

The Instax Wide 400 will arrive in South Africa during the next few months, with a local retail price still to be announced (it retails in the USA for $150).

The refresh of the Instax Mini LiPlay introduces three new colours: Matcha Green, Misty White and Deep Bronze. This version will include a USB Type-C charging port and the ability to update firmware through the accompanying app. It retains features such as the ability to record voice messages through a QR code on the print, and Direct Print, allowing the printing of images stored on a smartphone.

The refreshed Instax Mini LiPlay’s arrival date and local retail price are to be confirmed (the suggested price in the USA is $170).

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