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Honor 200 Lite 5G brings AI to portraits

The smartphone’s 108MP and 50MP lenses, integrated with the AI-powered Magic Portal, unearth new capabilities.

It’s often a challenge to find a smartphone that excels in both camera quality and user experience, but the Honor  200 Lite 5g Seems to fit the bill, with top-notch camera features meeting an intuitive interface.

This device offers outstanding photography capabilities and seamless usability, making it a standout choice in today’s competitive market, especially in its price segment.

In particular, it excels at portrait photography, which is deeply valued by consumers as it provides a straightforward yet impactful method to preserve cherished moments. Behind each portrait lies a story—a story of connection, emotion, and identity.

With its powerful triple camera system, including a 108MP main camera and versatile portrait modes, a wide aperture helps produce high-quality shots even in low light, while natural bokeh effects add depth to portraits.

An exceptional 50 MP front camera means it has great selfie portrait capabilities too. These are driven by several factors. Firstly, a selfie light ensures excellent lighting, adjusting to both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether in low-light environments or well-lit surroundings, the camera adapts to the available light, enhancing selfie quality. Secondly, an AI Wide-angle Selfie feature with Auto FOV switch automatically adjusts, based on the composition, transitioning from individual selfies to group shots to ensure everyone fits in the frame, with a wider field of view.

Honor provided the following information on the 200 Lite’s AI-powered Magic Portal

AI has revolutionised various aspects of our lives in recent years, whether it be simplifying tasks, understanding our preferences or delivering personalised experiences.  It has become essential to have a smartphone that integrates AI capabilities. The Honor 200 Lite 5G offers precisely that with its AI-Empowered Magic Portal feature, enhancing user experience through intelligent automation and personalised interactions.

Through the power of AI, the Magic Portal feature on the smartphone intelligently interprets user messages and actions. It directs users to relevant system apps based on its understanding. This transformative feature revolutionises user-device interaction, providing an exceptionally personalised experience.

With a simple “Drag & Drop”, users can easily move photos, locations, and text from one app to another, simplifying tasks such as sharing on social media, navigating to a destination, or sending emails. For example, you can drag a photo from your gallery and drop it directly into a social media app to share it with friends instantly or drag text from chat to email app and send an email. This intuitive feature enhances efficiency and convenience in various everyday scenarios.

The AI-Empowered Magic Portal simplifies user interaction with smartphones, reducing what would normally take 4 to 5 steps into a single swipe.

In a nutshell, the Honor 200 Lite 5G is more than just a smartphone—it’s a testament to innovation, seamlessly blending revolutionary camera systems with AI to deliver a personalised and immersive user experience that redefines smartphone photography and user experience.

Colour and Availability

The Honor 200 Lite 5G will be available in South African retail stores from 1 July 2024 and will come in Starry Blue and Midnight Black. For more information, visit Honor at

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