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Huawei delivers a ‘Fresh Fridays’ musical experience

The Huawei Music app is offering listeners access to diverse playlists that match their mood

An estimated 524-million people around the world listen to their favourite music using a streaming service. Closer to home, it is expected that more than 6-million South Africans will be streaming music by 2026, translating to nearly 10% of the population.

Music streaming platforms, like Huawei Music, enable simple access to a variety of music that exposes you to a new world of music. To stand out from various other music streaming platforms, Huawei Music has introduced the ‘Fresh Fridays’ local playlist in the Huawei Music app, catering to different music tastes. This is ideal for planning your weekend groove, whether you’re chilling at home, watching rugby or football while having mates over for a braai, or going for a night out on the town. This playlist is updated weekly to keep users up to date with what’s new and trending globally.

There’s Summer ‘K-Pop’, ‘Afro Soul’ and ‘Dance Tunes’. Perhaps you want ‘Alternative Tunes’ or ‘Ultimate R&B Soul’? Or check out ‘I Love Pop Covers’ for a more contemporary mix or ‘Mzansi Rocks’ to get the blood pumping as you’re heading home from work on a Friday. 

You are not limited to one genre, and you can create many playlists depending on your mood and taste. You can subscribe to any number of playlists that have been curated by professional editors. For instance, ‘Love is in the Air’ is for romantic souls while ‘Bollywood Night’ is as the name suggests. There’s also the likes of ‘Workout Time’, ‘Pop of the World’ and ‘Club Remixes’ just to give you a taste of variety.

If you’re more into old school listening habits, check out the Albums section. Some of the hottest albums on offer include Brandy’s ‘Human’, Nick Jonas’ ‘Spaceman’ and ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’ from Post Malone.

Huawei Music also supports cross-device streaming. This enables you to enjoy high quality music anytime and anywhere. There’s also a very nifty identify feature where you can identify the title of the music you are listening to and easily add it to your playlist.

 The ‘Fresh Fridays’ section also hosts a range of deals. For example, you can get a six-month premium subscription to Huawei Music for R35,99. You can select from monthly, weekly or daily package options. Have access to millions of high-quality songs, stream tunes offline, get member gifts and personalise your themes according to your mood.

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